Monday, August 13, 2012

Inspiration: Couture week 2012

Been out of blogging scene for a few days and been totally without internet connection. So here are a few looks i picked out, that I like.

Taken from the net, so sorry people if they were copyrighted or something, I promise to remove them if you have an issue.

Isnt she looking the ideal Indian Women!!
Love the look on her
Love this one too!!

Is Orange becoming the new red??!

In another color combination??

Love that Jacket!!

Do see more of Manish Malhotra's show at DCW 2012, lovely bridal wear.


  1. Great collections! Looks like the new fad is a neutral colour with bursts of brightness at the bottom - I've seen a lot of those. I don't think orange can take over red... it's a jarring colour as opposed to the warmth of reds and vibrancy of pinks. Also looks like we're back with the jacket trend - how many times have we seen this trend come and go, come and go :p

    1. Ofcourse red is and will be an evergreen color for an Indian Wedding but dont you think a redish-orange look is also working its way in. Its actually a good color for a bride who wants to look different and yet traditional.


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