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DIY Saree : Readers Question

" I stumbled upon ur blog while browsing through the internet. Must say, you’ve posted amazingly informative stuff out there. They are really helpful for someone like me who really has to start from scratch when it comes to shadi and beauty related stuff.

 I have a question and was wondering if you could help me out. It’s my sister’s wedding next month, and I want to design a saree for myself. Basically, get the fabric and kinaris and assemble something! And I am looking to find some place where I can get those heavy designer blouses (Want to keep the saree simple though). Please let me know if you know places where I can go for the above mentioned stuff. Also, is it doable? Have never done this before.

Thanks a lot! And wishing you the best for your wedding "

Yes its totally doable, infact I have made some of my trousseau saree's myself and even gifted a few to my sister and my would be sister-in-law.

Here is a list of places you'll get everything you need from:
(Hope your from Delhi/NCR, because thats the place I know most about)

Fabric :

 Lajpat Nagar : There is a whole Gali which has fabric wala's. Don't remember the name of the shop from where I purchased but its Opposite 3C lane may 'corner wali shop'

Nehru Place : Good for getting plane fabric (but would recommend going to Lajpat)

For a Saree try Fabrics like : 

Georgette Brocade  (also called Khadi silk, pronounced kha-dee silk)
Silk Satin
Mukesh Work Georgette (you get this already embroidered at a good rate)
Chiffon with some embroidery

Here are pictures for your reference :
Georgette Brocade

Mukesh Work Georgette
Light Mukesh Work

You can combine them as : 

Mixing Georgette brocade as the pleat fabric and have pure silk satin as the palla 
Mixing Georgette brocade as the pleat fabric and having mukesh work Georgette/chiffon as palla
Mixing Georgette brocade as the pleat fabric and Crepe as the palla
Using Only Mukesh Work Georgette (looks really nice, I made a saree of only this fabric in Emerald green)
Only Chiffon with some embroidery (you get already embroidered fabric at these shops)
Only Crepe (the colors come out really pretty in this so it can be used alone but it can end up looking a bit plain)

NOTE : Take fabric for facing as well! around 2 meters silk, in nice bright complimentary color.

Colours can be any! If your mixing 2 fabrics you can have them in different colors as well! I Took Plain fabric and got it dyed at Lajpat.

Borders :

You get Saree borders ready made these days, just ask straight away for a 9 meter saree border. You can also combine 2-3 borders together.

Chandni Chowk, Kinari Bazaar: you will get the most variety here at good price but insure the quality is good, Kinari can be tricky in terms of Quality.

Lajpat Nagar : There are many shops from where you can get.There is a whole gali for it. The shop which I prefer is Prakash Zari wala, if your going from KFC (with KFC at your left) then its situated near the 2nd park to your right. Ask around a lot of people know this shop. Its a bit expensive but has really good stuff.

For Latkans at Lajpat :
There is a paneer pakodey wali gali (Lane right in front of Bombay Selections) which is really good for latkans, there is a shop that has really good and cheap kamarband too!

For heavy blouses :

Try Meena Bazaar, they have a decent collection, 
Eves tailor at M block Market, GK 2 : I havn't been there personally but have heard a lot about him, if not him then you get a lot of ready made blouses in M block.

Stitching :
Any of your good local tailor can easily stitch the borders to the fabric. You can get a bright complimentary color piping also done to have a finished look to the Saree.

If I get a chance then will will put the saree's, that I have made, on the blog soon :)


  1. You've really captured my attention with greatest appreciation. Your blogs are always great and invited but this one has really motivated me in using the cotton sarees online

  2. where did you get the mukaish work georgette from? (which shop)

  3. Hey.. can please specify the location of prakash zari wala s shop?
    I am new to delhi.. let me know how to find his shop from lajpat nagar metro station.

    1. Hi, Its actually been a long time since I wrote this post, while I still recommend Prakash Zari wala to go to for really nice expensive borders, it would be better if you first check out the lanes in the main market. you will get more variety there. Get down from the metro station and ask anyone for main market. When you reach there just ask anyone ki borders kaha miley gay?, There is a lane dedicated to only borders.

      There is a lane for artificial jewelry as well.

      For Prakash Zari wala, from metro station move towards the main market, once you reach shops like Meena Bazaar and start seeing sherwani's then just ask people.


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