Monday, October 15, 2012

Trousseau Winter Wear

I am waiting for winter wear to come in the market, am in desperate need of good woolens.

Till now I was quite contend with my unisex basic navy blue pullovers in 2 different weaves from monto carlo. I used to live in them!

Only last year did I find the perfect overcoat and wore it in and out. I was never seen without it.

For slightly chilly October end I have a basic summer black coat which use to work with everything I had.

I am not much of a winter person so my wardrobe is more out going and better during summer months or at least in monsoons and springs.

After spending years and years trying to get my winter wardrobe 'acceptable' I finally achieved it last year *whoopie*

Only to realize (now) that my checked woolen over coat, my grey hoodie long sweater jacket and my black perfect fitting coat are no match for bedazzling Indian wear.

To add to that mix there will be hardly any winter wear in the market before the wedding.

Lets look at options we have for winters :

1. Cardigans

I have seen women loving them, living in them, and buying as many as possible in ever colour!

However I personally hate them completely. But with Indian wear specially with suits these work the best and are the warmest.

If given a chance I would hibernate the whole of winters.

but I have to-have to choose I guess something like these would work with Indian wear :

if I had to had to choose I still wont choose, but one cant really hibernate

I think the last one and the first ones neckline is better for Indian wear because it will also show the neckline of your suit. Plus it doesn't look too bottled up.

2. Pullover

Indian wear and pullover are not meant to be together and with girls who will be living with their in-laws its certainly not wise to jump into jeans your initial few post-marriage months.

So say bye-bye pullovers this married winters.

3. Shawls

Aah the prettiest Indian winter wear. They are a style statement in their own right. Whether its a pashmina or a jamawar. A lot of varieties and styles are found all around. You'll get pretty colours and embroidery in them too. Not just for older aunties you get a great variety for us girls too!

this particular one is not woolen but you get woolen ones like this too.

I think there is a 'shagun' ki embroidered shawl also that you have to get, cant find a pretty one online but you do get nice ones! Ahujasons in Delhi is supposed to be the best shop for all these. Also take a stroll around Dilli hart for different varieties during off season.

Drape them around your shoulder or wrap them around you they look pretty either way and are must for any Indian winter functions or dinner outs. However they do seem a little impractical around the house or during trips out shopping.

4. Jackets and Overcoats

After only hearing about them and seeing them in glossy magazines finally they made their Indian entry a few years back and then the overload was all aunties wearing them wrong!

Finally we seem to have got them right. Still not the perfect solution for Indian wear they are atleast warm!

Probably without so many pockets.
the  jacket on the right
Don't buy big huge collars, would still not recommend the middle jackets high collar but something similar with maybe a slim collar will look good

Here is the link  to where I got the last 2 pictures from, she seems to think alike :

Not sure if you guys are interested in knowing that :

I am still missing a good sturdy big everyday bag.
Have 5-6 different color kajal but still need to buy BLACK.

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