Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Reader's Question : How to decide on a bridal outfit?

"Hi, I love your blog. I am currently doing wedding planning and desperately looking for guidance.  I like research and don't feel comfortable making decision without knowledge. I learned first one needs to decide if they want a lehanga or saree.  After seeing few pictures I realized which look I want.  Then with lehanga I need to decide which color, which cut (what is fishcut & pannel cut?), then decide on material (I never knew silk vs. Georgette can make huge difference in look) and finally pay attention to decoration (antique vs. stone). Can you please do a post!"

The first advice I give to any reader or friend is to pick an actress whose style you like, who in your eye has impeccable taste.

Look at her Indian wear pictures, chances are either she played a role where she dressed as a bride or has had her wedding.

Don't get influenced, just inspired. Just get a feel of the things you like. Its to get your subconscious working and to make it aware of what you like.

While I am not a big fan of their acting I did fall in love with their wedding looks! That made me realize that yes I love traditional brides, I love the drama of the big bling red lehenga with flowers in your hair and gold jewelry, the Whole 16 Shingar (!). But that didn't mean that I would go out and get a copy of one of their lehenga, it just meant when I go shopping I would tell the sales person I want a traditional red lehenga.

Don't fixate on a lehenga, even we as designers never know exactly what a garment will look like once its on the bride, till its actually on the bride. So don't be stubborn and say you wont look at anything else. Try other styles too, even if you do end up buying the lehenga you were so fixed on, its better to not regret not trying other things out.

Get your copy now!

Grab your copy of Wedding Vows magazine January issue and spot an article by yours truly.  :D

"10 Jewellery Must Haves"

Advice for the new Bahu, what to wear and buy during your jewellery trousseau shopping.

Includes points for real jewellery must haves.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

What's your plan for today?

Stop worrying about the wedding today! 
Sit with your family, watch the parade and eat a heavy brunch!
Today is about celebrating India.

PS: If you are wondering why I am up at 9 and blogging, I am not :P I have finally learnt to schedule post, although I hardly ever do, the minute I write something I want to show it to you, which ofcourse leads to numerous spelling and grammar mistakes, but I cant help it! I am too impatient. Anyways I am probably just watching the parade, Have a great day!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Obsession : Ear Cuff

I know I changed my 'obsession' quite quick this time, (within a week!) but I really havn't given up obsessing over glitter eyeshadow just yet!

The first time I saw an ear cuff was last year when it wasn't such a big trend, I was going to buy it for a friend but she hated it :/ I forgot completely about the ear cuff and was reminded about it in an instragram picture quite recently.
 (are you still not following me there??! shame on you... :P do it here : http://instagram.com/roligaurvashisht )

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bridal Inspiration : Deepika Padukone

I have a girl-crush on her now days. Really love her sense of style and the ease with which she carry's off anything. So here are some inspirational pictures, how to dress post wedding or for your wedding functions!

Err..ya dont wear white during the first few months of the wedding, but you can opt of pinks and peach to re-create this look.

I really like this 3 color style of lehenga that's quite a trend since last year, planning to convert one of my wedding function lehenga into three color, will either change my chunni or blouse. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

M.A.C Presents an Exclusive and Luxurious Wedding Trousseau Service For India

MAC launched Wedding Trousseau Service in Delhi, don't miss out my views at the end.

Press Release

With the wedding season right around the corner, M.A.C Cosmetics presents an exclusive and luxurious Wedding Trousseau Service in India, for all the beautiful brides-to-be ahead of their special day!

“Educating customers is an integral part of M.A.C’s artistry expertise globally. We strive to make every woman feel beautiful for now and forever” explains Sonic Sarwate, Senior Artist, M·A·C India.“Indian women continue to inspire beauty all over the world and I’m personally proud that we have now created something that celebrates and enhances their individual style and beauty for such a memorable occasion in their lifetime.”

With an individual step-by-step makeup lesson of 120 minutes, M.A.C artists will give brides all the tips and tricks to achieve a variety of desired looks; from natural for day, to a dazzling evening look and beyond. All captured in customized M.A.C face charts to take home.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Hi, I am New here!


So did you just land on Crazy Indian Wedding ?! We are excited to see you here, and hope to see more of you in the future!

I know it can get quite confusing and overwhelming when you first visit a blog. So here are few points and posts that you can read to get yourself familiar :

A little about me : 
Hi, I am Roli Gaur Vashisht aka Crazy Indian Bride.

PS : I am also a designer, See my label here

I started this blog on 25th June, 2012; 5 months before my wedding (well 5 months minus 1 day). The blog was just meant as an outlet for all the wedding information that was bursting out of my head and as a diary for me to keep as a memory of my wedding days.

Even though I tied the knot on 24th November, 2012 the blog continues to help other bride-to-be and ease in the new bride/bahu into her new home.

Enough about me, now Get to know the Blog :

1. My first Post : I feel whenever you need to find out a bloggers journey its best to start at the very beginning.

Obsession : Glitter Eyeshadow

I have been in love with glitter eyeshadow ever since I saw them at Instagram. ( are you following me there? check out here http://instagram.com/roligaurvashisht ).

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Intern Wanted!

Needed an Intern at Roli Gaur Vashisht and Crazy Indian Wedding , should have good writing skills and be able to multitask.

A good design sense is a plus. Fashion Design Students would be given preference, but if you are willing to learn and have a good business mind then you are who we are looking for!

Office timing flexible, situated in Delhi.  Please write in at info.roligaurvashisht@gmail.com

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Manish Arora's Real Bride

Remember when I wrote about the Manish Arora bride in August. See here : http://goo.gl/RzhUzf

He showed his first Bridal collection in PCJ Delhi Couture Week 2013, and it was pretty stunning too. Although it did leave me wondering if any bride would be 'quirky' enough to pull Manish Arora off.

I mean, look at the colors and psychedelic embroidery, as much as I would have loved to wear Manish Arora I don't think I would be so brave (or rich) to wear his stunning deigns.

However I found one bride who wore a Manish Arora to her Mehendi : Aparna Chandra

Picture taken from one of my favorite and scandalous blog http://goo.gl/Uhl7e8

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Inspiration : Floral Jewelry

Floral Jewelry has taken Indian weddings by storm last year. As we move away from a typical traditional red bride on one hand, on the other we move towards the floral clad Bride. Do you like this trend?

Personally I am not a big fan. A little bit of flowers is a must for an Indian Bride but I am not sure if I like her decked fully in floral jewelry...What are your views?

Monday, January 6, 2014

Readers Question : How to get ready for my own wedding at home?!


Hi girl, Don't worry we are here to help :)

I am guessing that you are in a state of panic, hence the capital letters...?? Can I take a moment here to say that I always get scared when I read anything in all capitals, and if I ping my husband at work he always replies in capitals, most of his work requires the Caps Lock to be on at all times and he sometimes forgets to put it off while talking to me, and I used to get all upset "why you shouting at me!?" but now I guess I am getting used to it....

Anyways back to the pressing question. First of all you are not the only one, there are many brides who could have gotten a makeup artist for their wedding but didn't because they preferred doing their makeup on their own. So please don't panic or get upset, I don't like sad smileys for my brides!

Here are things you need to do:

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dummy Guide to Saree Tying, Part 1 : Basic Saree

In December I attended the Satya Paul's Saree Appreciation Workshop in their DLF Saket, store and I am so glad that I did! I meant to post this before but somehow never got around it. Ofcourse like an idiot I mixed up DLF Saket and Select City.

So there is me all happy about going to the workshop stuck in traffic as the clock ticks, I don't like being late, not even the 'delhi fashionable late' I am usually the guest who will show up at exactly 5 if the invite says 5, chances are that I would have already reached 15min before and would be waiting in my car for the clock to strike. So when I parked my car 5 min before the event was about to start I was already late in my mind. The invite said ground floor so when I couldn't find it anywhere I asked the concierge and he says "yes we do have a store its on the first floor, but its a mens store..." I am confused why would they keep a Saree Appreciation Workshop in a men's store?! Ah well, to each its own. So I reach the obviously empty Tie Bar by Satya Paul and wonder if I had the date wrong, I go ahead and asked, finally found out I was in the wrong mall! Stupid me. So after much confusion I reached the store half and hour late but thankfully the drapes were just about to begin. 

Who was the teacher?
Kalpana Shah, the master of saree draping. Her dearest wish is for the Indian woman to embrace her inheritance, her natural identity. And rather than struggle with it awkwardly, she would have every Indian woman wear with pride what she believes is a symbol of all that is graceful and beauteous - the eternally elegant Sari. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Guest Post : Top 7 New Year Resolutions for Newly Wed Couples

There is nothing more romantic than the first few years of marriage. Newly married couples can be seen glowing in love as they can’t seem to take their eyes off each other. Everything seems new and exciting and you want to spend most of your time in each other’s company. So this new year, make the following resolutions as a couple to help keep the spark alive.

1. Dine out at new restaurants
Ask each other out on dates. Bonding over a culinary experience at a new restaurant every month will allow you to try out new food and critique it together. You can spend priceless hours making jokes over bad food or create new memories if you get lucky with the new discovery.

2. Call up friends and relatives who attended your wedding
You must set aside a few days to call up people who took time out to attend your wedding and express your gratitude. Thank them for their presence on the occasion and tell them how special it made you feel. Also, remember to thank them for the gifts they brought. It is a fun activity to be undertaken together and will help you relive the special day. This gesture will be highly appreciated by your loved ones.

Link Within

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