Monday, January 6, 2014

Readers Question : How to get ready for my own wedding at home?!


Hi girl, Don't worry we are here to help :)

I am guessing that you are in a state of panic, hence the capital letters...?? Can I take a moment here to say that I always get scared when I read anything in all capitals, and if I ping my husband at work he always replies in capitals, most of his work requires the Caps Lock to be on at all times and he sometimes forgets to put it off while talking to me, and I used to get all upset "why you shouting at me!?" but now I guess I am getting used to it....

Anyways back to the pressing question. First of all you are not the only one, there are many brides who could have gotten a makeup artist for their wedding but didn't because they preferred doing their makeup on their own. So please don't panic or get upset, I don't like sad smileys for my brides!

Here are things you need to do:

1. Prep your skin! A great skin doesn't require much makeup. If you are already glowing from inside then even if you walk out of the door bare skin you would look great.

Try home remedies, I strongly recommend cucumber pack for your face and an uptan scrub. Read this post for more information on home remedies :

Use malai for your hands and legs to moisturize and make them look supple. Just put on a thin layer, leave it on for 15min and wash off. If you have oily skin then dont use of face! I have normal-combination face so I sometimes use it on my face. But don't take risk!

2. Drink 8-9 glasses of water daily! DAILY! Your wedding is a month away and we have very less time, so you must must drink a lot of water! I don't care if it makes you pee all day long, it will help wash out all toxins. Ofcourse don't drink too much water on the day of any wedding function, after all you wont be able to visit the loo that often, on that day :P

 3. Buy the right products. Lakme has great product line for Indian skin and has good products. If you can buy then just get the foundation from Loreal. Get the liquid foundation not powder, otherwise Lakme is good too.

What products will you need?

Concealer (only if you have pimple marks or discoloration or dark circles; I personally never use concealer)
Eye Shadow palette
Eyeliner (black)
Kajal (black, I recommend Incolor. I myself used my personal Incolor kajal on my wedding day)
Blush (if your lehenga is red, then red; if its pink or peach then pink or peach.)
Lip Liner (matching to your lipstick)
Lipstick (matched to your lehenga red or maroon or pink)
Gloss (matched to your Lipstick)

How to?
Apply concealer first on any pimple marks or discoloration, blend well!

Next, Apply a thin layer of foundation, blend well. Not satisfied?! Apply another thin layer on top. Slowly build up of your foundation, don't apply too much on the first go. 

Next apply your lip liner, Lipstick and Gloss. Build up your lipstick by applying it twice. Don't apply the gloss too much, it should just be a thin layer. This helps in making sure the lipstick stays on longer.

Apply your blush, again same as foundation apply a little first and then brush more till your satisfied.

Next comes your eye shadow. Take a moment to look into the mirror and see if your face is already looking 'done' if its too bright or if you already have a lot of red then try bronze for your eyes. Or if its looking decent then you can add a bit more color to your eyes.

Put on Mascara, then Eyeliner and next kajal.

Voila you are done.

4. Err...ok so I understand its next to impossible to understand all this just by words, here are few video's to help you out.

It has video's with basic makeup tips. Why do you need to know the basics? Well, to be an expert you have to know 2+2 is 4.

See this video by Namrata Soni as well,

Youtube is full of makeup tutorial videos, check out a few but don't go too crazy, stick with one video that you like and follow instructions!

5. TRY TRY TRY!  Don't wait till the D-day to try your makeup for the first time. Do trial makeup atleast 3 times before your wedding. The first time you try it, do with with the full dress rehearsal. This way the next two times you just have to worry about getting the makeup right and not wonder if it will look ok with your dress.

When you do the dress rehearsal then leave the makeup on for 4-5 hours and see if it stays put. Put in out post lunch on a holiday and let it be till just before you sleep. This way you can figure out if it stays ok for a long time. Remember to remove it before sleeping! and avoid too many people seeing you, it should be a surprise, no?! But do take advice from your mom and closest friends.

Also click pictures, preferably with a digi cam. Ask a friend to bring one if you dont have. This way you can see how your pictures will come out. Sometimes the makeup in real life may look ok but in the pictures might end up looking flat. So do the photo-test as well.

Also try talking to your local parlor girls, sometimes they do great makeup at good price so do have a chat with them for options.

Hope this has been of some help! 

Girls any suggestions for our bride-to-be??

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