Friday, January 24, 2014

Obsession : Ear Cuff

I know I changed my 'obsession' quite quick this time, (within a week!) but I really havn't given up obsessing over glitter eyeshadow just yet!

The first time I saw an ear cuff was last year when it wasn't such a big trend, I was going to buy it for a friend but she hated it :/ I forgot completely about the ear cuff and was reminded about it in an instragram picture quite recently.
 (are you still not following me there??! shame on you... :P do it here : )

Don't they remind you of some of our Indian earrings??

Want to try this trend at weddings?

If its your own wedding function then its safe to stick to our Indian style. However if you are the sister-of-the-bride or Friend-of-the-bride then you can certainly try out the contemporary ones, although avoiding dragons would be a good idea, no?! 

Buy one for your trousseau atleast, it surely looks amazing! I am going to go pick one up for myself soon. I think I saw one at Haus Khas Village. 

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