Friday, January 17, 2014

Obsession : Glitter Eyeshadow

I have been in love with glitter eyeshadow ever since I saw them at Instagram. ( are you following me there? check out here ).

Although I have absolutely no idea where I would wear them too, won't they look too much for a party??

Would you go with this style at your wedding functions? cocktail maybe?

I always end up spilling eyeshadow on my cheek, and if its glitter I am pakka sure it will be more on my cheek than my eye. Do you know where I can find a good glitter eyeshadow? I have tried a few place with zero reults. Notice how it is not a 'shimmer' eye shadow but a full on glitter one, like you get at stationary shops.

Too much glitter, huh?! Well if you are going to go 'glitter-glam' then stick to glitter on only one one part of your body.

How to incorporate this freakishly cool trend to your wedding??

1. Eye Glitter : Cocktail Function
2. Nail Glitter : Only on one finger with nail art on the rest for engagement.
3. Glitter Lips : Bachelorette (?!)
4. Glitter heels : Any wedding function!

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