Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hair Care Tips and Tricks

Yes I am obsessed with hair care, I cant help it when I was little, my hair was the best among everyone I knew. I have actually heard total strangers pointing at my hair and saying how good it is behind my back. Ofcourse credit goes to my mom for making me sit for hair oil massage every single sunday and for giving me thick long hair DNA.

Alas time changes and so do hair care techniques. I started using all fancy shampoo's and conditioners and hair serums, etc. etc. in the hope of getting more better hair. Plus handling waist length hair while still at school became a huge problem and ofcourse a big fashion faux-pa. So my hair became shoulder length and started loosing their sheen.

People loved the fact that I had a huge amount of hair but I didn't, by the time I was in 11th hair loss started. I guess I was the only person HAPPY with Hairloss because this meant after years of tying my hair in a choti or pony I could finally open my hair. (before they would just end up looking like a birds nest)

By the end of college I realized that my hair was not just shine-less but had became 1/4th the amount it used to be, don't worry I am not going bald just hair started thinning so it started looking volume-less.

A bride has to look great in every way possible, so began my journey to get my old hair back.

Dont like chemical treatments a lot so I tried out few home remedies :

1.  Everyone's favorite : Eggwhites
Mix 1 Egg white, 2tsp Honey and 2tsp Olive Oil
Apply from roots to tips
Leave it on for half and hour
Wash it off

Good for : Shine

RESULT : A lot of people have said that its the best way to make your hair shine. But for me personally I got HUGE dandruff because of it, like the ones they show in anti-dandruff ads. So not good for me personally but its a highly recommended method by a lot of people.
If you try it out, let me know how it works for you.

Will I try again : NOOOO

2. Onion and Honey
Grind a few onions till you can take the juice out enough for your hair. Mine needed around 3-4 medium onions (I have long, a little below mid back, hair)
Mix onion juice with 1-2tsp honey
Apply mixture on Scalp and leftover at tips
Keep for half and hour
Wash off

Good for : Dandruff and Shine

RESULT : Not sure if it actually helped remove any dandruff but it surely made my hair all shiny :D
Only downside is it stinks a lot, so if your trying it out put a few agarbatti's or aroma candles

Will I try again : yup

3. Meeti Seeds and Water
Soak meeti seeds with water overnight.
 Blend it in mixie till super smooth
apply over scale and hair.
 keep for half n hour.
wash off
(do this once a week)

Good for : Dandruff

RESULT : Unfortunetlly I did not blend it well so ended up with a grainy mixture which was quite difficult to remove. I think had a slight effect on the dandruff.

Will I try again : No, but only cause its requires a lot of preparation.

4. Coconut oil and curry patta
heat coconut oil
add karipatta and fry .
cool it down
separate the curry leaves
apply on roots and massage.
Keeep for half n hour
wash it off

Good for : Healthy Black Thick hair, the girl who recommended this had great black long healthy hair.

RESULT : Havn't tried this one out yet. Sounds a bit tedious, but it sounds good so will defiantly try it once.

Mostly what I am currently doing is
oil champi on my own,
keep it for half and hour
wash off.

Different Oils that I use:
Olive Oil : My hairdresser says its the best oil to use for hair. It does give me a good shine.
Parachute Aryurvedic Hot oil massage : Love this one! Find it works best on my hair!

If you don't have time or are too lazy ( like me) then just apply a good hair oil on a weekend. Just do it once a week and you'll notice the difference from the first wash.

And then when you have good healthy long hair try out these hairstyles :


Have a great Hair day!!

PS : Don't use lemon on hair it reduces lightens your hair color.


  1. hey...ok, first thing, for dandruff, vinegar works best. you can check this:
    don't want to spam your comments section!!!
    also, regd the curry patta recipe, don't heat any hair oil. it breaks down the chemical structure of the oil.

    1. OOh will surly try it!!

      And all helpful links are most welcome!!

      Havn't tried the heat one, but a few people say it work well,most i am too lazy to do anything and end up with just oiling my hair once a week ;P

  2. I havent applied hair oil for years!! I shall start from this weeked. :)

  3. wonderful information on home made hair care tips and its results. Thank you for sharing....:)

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