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Hi, I am New here!


So did you just land on Crazy Indian Wedding ?! We are excited to see you here, and hope to see more of you in the future!

I know it can get quite confusing and overwhelming when you first visit a blog. So here are few points and posts that you can read to get yourself familiar :

A little about me : 
Hi, I am Roli Gaur Vashisht aka Crazy Indian Bride.

PS : I am also a designer, See my label here

I started this blog on 25th June, 2012; 5 months before my wedding (well 5 months minus 1 day). The blog was just meant as an outlet for all the wedding information that was bursting out of my head and as a diary for me to keep as a memory of my wedding days.

Even though I tied the knot on 24th November, 2012 the blog continues to help other bride-to-be and ease in the new bride/bahu into her new home.

Enough about me, now Get to know the Blog :

1. My first Post : I feel whenever you need to find out a bloggers journey its best to start at the very beginning.

2.  Journey to finding the perfect lehenga :  First hand experience of 20 Bridal shops all in one big post!

3. Trousseau Saree Shopping Advice : My views on what a modern bride need! If you don't know how to tie a saree follow this series Dummy Guide to Saree Tying

3. Read my battle to lose weight : Power Yoga , Jillian Michaels 30 day shed , Diet Plans

4. Hairstyle for the new bride : One of the most read post on the blog. Also read Hair Care Tips and Tricks

5. Modern Brides Solah Shingar : THE most read post in the history of this blog, wrote it in August 2012 and it is still read everyday by many readers.

6. List of Makeup Trousseau : Use this as a reference when you go wedding shopping!

7. Skin Care - Home remedies : A must read for brides to be and infact everybody, we should all look good na!

8. Bridal Bag : Read it for a laugh.

9. Posts on tiny details of a wedding : Varmala Obsession,  Hair Ornaments , DIY Saree , DIY Universal Saree BlouseHome decor for the wedding , How to save money while trousseau shopping? ,

10. My Wedding File : Read all about my wedding functions.

Read My wedding updates and Wedding Events

1. 5 months to go
2. 4 months to go
3. Wedding countdown in double digits
4. 2 months before my wedding : How prepared I am so far, Longest post on update.
5. One month to go :
6. 12 days before the wedding : I cant believe I was still blogging.
7. Engagement 
8. Pooja
9. Tilak
10. Haldi : What to expect?
11. Mehendi
12. Wedding Part 1 and Wedding Part 2
13. How it Felt to be a Bride : An emotional Journey.
14. The Next Day : Journey beyond the wedding day, what happens next?
15. Honeymoon : South Africa!

*Phew* those are quite a lot to get you started. Hope you have fun!!

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Do leave your valuable comments, quires, complaints or compliments where ever you feel necessary. I read all of your comments even though they might be left on an old post, I try to answer all questions that you send across at , and try to address any complaints.

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See you around!!


  1. Hey Roli,

    I am writing on this page so you know that I am very new here. I really like the way you have expressed your feelings as a bride in your blog. Actually, I need you help in wedding decor. I am in US and my family has already decided about the venue and I don't know how the decor going to be or how to start about that. I like your wedding decor....Could you please suggest me something here? Thanks.


    1. Hi Neha!

      I am soo sorry I saw your comment just now, the blog went through a series of changes last month and in the process we lost out on a lot of comments and notifications :(

      I hope your issue got sorted and if not then please do email me at would love to help you in any way possible :)


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