Monday, October 27, 2014

Dhoti Saree : What are your views?

I have a mixed view on Dhoti Saree, I love them and Hate them at the same time.
 Well mainly I hate them because I think a heavier frame girl, like me, won't really look all that good in them, after all it does highlight the thighs and your figure, and I would rather stick to a drape that hides more than it shows!

What are your views on them?

I really like Sonam Kapoor's Saree look, this would defiantly work for your best friends wedding.

I think the Dhoti Saree would also look really chic for Mehendi or cocktail, 
giving you a Modern-traditional Look.

By the way I found this awesome YouTuber (Makeup Guru) named Kaushal, and her makeup videos are to die for! Nobody is sponsoring me to do this, and that girl doesn't know either but I absolutely love her style! Check her out here :

Speaking of Youtube, the first Crazy Indian Wedding vlog is going to be out this Wednesday! Make sure you are subscribed here :


I love reading what you have to say :)

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