Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Is your wedding not what YOU wanted? (VIDEO)

Ok so this happens a LOT,
You want a pink backdrop at your wedding the guy says its too girly.
You want a candid photographer your dad says its too expensive.
You tell your mom to let you buy suits from Fab India  for your trousseau she says Kanjeevaram.

So the wedding all in all doesn't really turn out the way you had envisioned it, now I know it wasn't the boys fault that Europe is deep in snow during December, but hey I was ok with a late honeymoon! But nah that didn't happen :/ I had to 'settle' with South Africa, not that I am complaining it was the best honeymoon I could have ever asked for, but lets just say it wasn't part of my dream.

But I kind of realized in the end that it is ok to let other people come and make little changes in your dream plans, if I had stuck to say Europe I would have never discovered the wonders of South Africa, and truth be told it was my first choice as well but I never told the boy thinking he will think I am mad, I mean its not really 'romantic' is it.

We are getting a little off topic here, I was talking to my friend the other day and she is getting married soon and going through something similar, she is so frustrated that the wedding isn't the one she imagined, So here is a little advice I gave to her :

Click the Link and watch it on YouTube!

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