Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What you should gift your Mother-in-Law on Karva Chauth?!


Its my 2nd Karva Chauth this year and my first in my Sasural! I spent my first Karva Chauth in my Maika like any newly wedded girl. So incase you didn't know already, if its your first Karva Chauth you get to go home! :D

Last year I wrote about what you should wear on Karva Chauth (specially if its your first!) read this to get reminded :

In fact I think after pooja, even this year I will wear my wedding lehenga :D or I might stick to a new saree, not sure yet because I do get to wear my wedding lehenga later this year for my brother's wedding, so I might just wear my Vidai wali saree or Phero wali saree, which are still technically my wedding attire. (Never seen my wedding pictures ?! See this : )

Anyways, last year my mother took care of everything and I didn't have to worry about anything at all, but since this year I am kind of taking a lead I have to buy things for my mother-in-law for Karva Chauth, I thought it was only a Saree that I had to gift her, but apparently not!

Anyways here is a list of things that you have to Traditionally gift your Mother-In-Law on Karva Chaut :
(Pohi/Sargi/Baya from Bahu to Saas)

1. Saree/ Suit : whatever your Mother-in-law prefers

2. Matthi

3. Dry Fruits

4. Fruits

5. Money : Any amount you wish

And if its your first Karva Chaut then along with the above list you also need to gift,

6. Chini ka karwa

Can't find a picture any where :/ but it looks like a Karwa and is made out of sugar; like the 'Khiloney' (Toys) we get to eat on Diwali!

7. 10 Steel glass and 1 jug (This might vary family to family)

Also you need to have 6 glasses with mathis on top and a jug full of rice along with 2.5 clothes. 

Well this is the list that I know, incase you know anything more then do tell me!!

Want to know the Karva Chauth Story ?! Check it out here :


  1. Its my first Karwachauth after wedding :) everything sponsered either from mum/MIL-
    My mum gave clothes for boy and parents, clothes and makeup for me, fruit ka tokra, mathi ka tokra, cash, dry fruits, sweet boxes.
    MIL asked to buy outfit, makeup, bangles all saaj ka samaan. :)
    I am planning to gift her gold item- maybe a ring or earrings

  2. A small correction, sargi is from Saas to Bahu, and not vice-versa.

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