Friday, September 14, 2012

Obsession : Journey to finding a perfect Bindi

Bindi : To Wear post-wedding or not to.. (specially if your living with inlaws)

The last time I gave the 'journey' topic was I guess to find the perfect lehenga. And now its comes down to finding the perfect Bindi. 

"Traditionally, the area between the eyebrows (where the bindi is placed) is said to be the sixth chakra, the seat of "concealed wisdom". According to followers of Hinduism, this chakra is the exit point for kundalini energy. The bindi is said to retain energy and strengthen concentration. It is also said to protect against demons or bad luck. The bindi also represents the third eye."
- Shamelessly copied via Wikipedia

There are actually web pages dedicated to what kind of bindi suits your face type

Although I recommend full on experimentation with it!

You will be wearing a Bindi on your wedding day ( yes you will! it completes your look, even if you wear a tiny one, wear it! ) But this topic isn't about that!

If your looking for my views on Bridal Bindi, see this post, have rambled about it somewhere in the middle :

This post is entirely about the initial few days post-marriage when your meant to look like a bride every single day.

Since you cant really experiment then its better to know what looks good on you before hand.

We have the new favorite : STUD BINDI

Its like a swarovski stud, and looks extremely pretty on every face.
Unfortunettly for me my nose pin looks like this too, so when I put this on it looks like I have put one on the head and the other on my nose.
(Which reminds me of the Greenlam laminates ad Zamaane ko sajaaney chala, Mr. Beautyman
For those who are bored here is the ad )

The other alternative I have found is a neutral colored stud like this one, doesn't look like my nose pin and still looks pretty.


Pretty Famous in our mums generation, but does anyone in our  generation wear this?!?!

Ofcourse if its a family requirement to wear a round red bindi we can still find alternatives :

PS : These red bindi's come in various sizes, even as small as the stud bindi. So if family obligations require you to wear a red bindi you can experiment with sizes and see what looks good and yet modern.


Usually seen on the foreheads of Vamps in a Saas-Bahu serials if worn in the right size can actually look good, so say an absolute NO to huge bindi's that end near your forehead, but try on ones that are a few centimeters long.

I was quite reluctant to try one on, but when I did it actually looked way better than the stud or round bindi on my face. ( I have a chubby oval shape face, so I guess the elongated bindi kind of works better)

You get nice simple once in this.

You get smaller versions of these too, and if it works on your face it can actually look good too.

Then there is this :

I have absolutely no idea what people do with these, why are they placed on the hair of that girl?!? and on the eyebrows and the ears?!!? yucky! which company things that actually looks attractive....I am lost for words...

I had a picture even worse than this one, but decided against putting it in the blog, because it might really put you off wearing a bindi.

That's all for now. Any views by you lot on this???

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