Saturday, September 22, 2012

Indian Wedding Theme

Having a big fat Indian wedding bounded to a theme is quite impossible. We don't stop at calling just our closest friends unlike our overseas counterparts, we would probably pull the plug at calling our aunty's second cousins 3rd sons best friend. So expecting everyone to sit down in order when you walk the aisle is next to impossible and pre-determined dinner can just laugh at that thought.

So what do we do!? After all we still want to be in control of our environment. We still want the whole experience to be that of OUR wedding, it should still be something apart from the crowd.

So how do you go about it..

Choose your decorator well. Don't book a new kid on the block just because they are cheaper, book someone with experience.

The new 'kid' would certainly have better and creative ideas, do go to them and listen to their proposed plans and what they have done for other weddings. It will help awake your creative juices.

The Experienced guy however would be someone whose is probably in the second generation business, he/she would know what problems can occur in the wedding which you cant even imagine. However, they will probably be devoid of new ideas. If your creative enough rest assured the experienced guy is your better bet.

Know what you want, be clear of it in your head but don't be too adamant explore and brainstorm ideas with closest friends and family.

Color scheme is the easiest way to stamp your identity across the hall. Plus color scheme are way easier for your decorator to follow instead of saying you want a big taj mahal in the middle.

When it comes to inspiration it doesn't always mean that if you find a picture and get everything done like that.

An inspiration can be followed in 2 ways :

1. Something you love

For example say lotus is your favorite flower and you want that as an inspiration then don't just plant huge lotus structures every where.

Your Keywords of the Lotus theme are :
Lotus pink and pure white colors
Clean and curved lines
A lot of fabric drapes (which will give the smooth feel of the lotus skin)
You can probably have the back of the stage looking a bit like a lotus (as long as it doesn't look to messy and distract the guests from you)
or maybe have the DJ floor to look like one

But don't make the whole place look like a flower show


you can do the decor in any other way you want like the typical red and gold style and incorporate the lotus like floating in water fountains, in the button holes of coats. Give lotus to the guest entering, etc.

Appearing out of a blooming lotus is a certain no-no, too tacky.

Incorporate what you love but don't make it too over whelming!

2. You love how this picture looks

Say you like this picture and want this to be an inspiration for the wedding. Here is how to go about it :

you cant have soo many colors for the wedding, its ok to have such a thing for the sangeet but for the wedding it might be too messy.

So here is how you choose pick the 2 colors that speak the loudest for you. If you still want to incorporate a lot of colors, pick the same color family.
 For example :
For me I like the Blue and purple drapes with orange and pink seating. So if I plan a wedding looking at this picture my key words would be :
Have blue and lilac drapes all around, behind food stalls, at the entrance
Fill the walk-in passage with blue or lilac lights.
Have Rajasthani style umbrella all around acting as gazebo's/lounges
Waiters to wear Rajasthani style pagadi's
Var mala to be a riot of color
you get the idea...

End of the day don't stress to much! Just tell your vision to the decorator and let them come up with a design plan. Relax and enjoy!

(PS : No my wedding theme is none of the above :P )

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