Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pre-Wedding Skin Care Routine

My skin has been improving since last year and I am not exactly sure which specific product should be given credit for it, maybe the combination of all...

Best product to avoid pimples and get rid of blackheads. There is a concentrated formula that comes DONT buy that, the scrub is way better.

Helps remove all the dust and pollution that builds up on the skin. Instantly makes the skin looks cleaner. 

I am totally against fairness creams and believe that every girl looks great in their own skin.

 I didn't realize this was a 'Fairness' product till it was to late. I don't wish to say it but its true my skin has started looking 'fairer' since I have been using this as a mask.

Won't recommend any product because of its properties to make you look 'fairer' but yes will 
recommend it ONLY because it gives your skin a nice glow effect.


Tried, tested and in love with them!

Ponds Golden Radiance
Best Skin Care ever!

I have the Facewash, Serum, Day Cream, Night Cream.
Dont have the  eye cream

Facewash : Not sure if you really need it but since its part of the  series I use it anyways, I am sure it helps but I use it after my Garnier scrub

Serum : Havn't used this much coz I never understood really the need of a Serum, just started using it after a SA told me its good for under eye and around the mouth area, where ever there is a slight discoloration.

Day Cream : Been using this the longest, on a regular basis! If you don't want the whole set just get this. Makes your skin looks amazing, if your the no-makeup-take-me-as-I-am girl then this is the best product for you, just put this on and your done.

Night Cream : I have just started using it on a regular basis ever since my MUA scolded me for not doing a proper night care regime. Does it help...YES, in the morning the skin looks great. 
Tiny secret tip on this one : it has more golden particles then the day cream, so on my engagement day I used this on my arms. In the video and pictures you can see tiny glittering things on the arm.

Garnier Body Cocoon

Been using this since the last 4-5 years. HIGHLY recommended it specially if you have rough skin.
Best Body skin Care product. Just got another one of my friends to buy it, she is loving it. Need to get a couple of more people I know to use this.

Secret Tip : Use it all over at Night, skin is baby soft the next day.

Hope this helps!

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