Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bridal Bags

If you have seen youtube videos of  'Bridal entrance' uploaded a few years back you will notice that tiny clutch in the hand as blingy as the bride herself. Pushed forward to make sure it gets captured. 

One Question: WHO STARTED THAT ?!! I mean come on, your not going shopping or to a 'party', its your wedding.

Say suppose your still adamant about it, lets reason it out...

1. You need your phone.
 Every single person you would want to talk to on YOUR wedding day is already present on the venue. 

2. Lipstick and other makeup nick knacks
You will be in the spot light at all times! People will be noticing you even if you just twist your head and look longingly at the chat for a second, so forget about any touch up on stage.

3. Tissue get tearfull...awww...get your sister/best friend (read slave) to get you a tissue.

4. Energy Bars (err....comfort chocolate)
I know it will be stressful, and you need full energy on stage, specially with 5 kg lehenga and that 10 kgs of gold but darling you paid more than your 5 years salary put together to the caterer. Eat the paneer tikka.

5. Emergency Money
ok, I agree every girl should be empowered and should individually be able to handle any situation at all times. But at your wedding where every single family member and closet friends are present no one will turn to the bride and say " chutta de na"

6. Envelopes/ Aashirvad
Indian Bride and groom get a lot of 'shagun k lifafey' while on stage. But putting them into the bag next to you looks a little bit tacky and greedy. Appoint someone to stay next to you and just hand it over to that person who can further hand it over to your mom or you mother-in-law.

So you still really really need a bag near you, there is only one thing left to do :

 Get your best friend/sister to carry your stuff in her bag. Rather bully her into not taking a bag of her own and just hand her your own to carry around and tell her to stick to you like a glue.

Best is to give it to a friend since she wont know a lot of people there she will always be around you. The sister might have to go meet a lot of guests.

Also be a little considerate and get a purse in a neutral color which works on both your and your friends dress.

Will this work? well I tried it on my engagement and it worked fine! 
(Yes I am a control freak and I needed my stuff near me :P )

Some bag for you to Ogle Over:

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