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UPDATE : A few months Before the wedding

I had the weirdist  dream ever, I was organizing 2 troops of ants (Yes troops!, there were around 100 in each troop) to do some work for me and only 1 troop was getting organised properly the other troop was just running around. And I wanted them out of my house but had the feeling if I tell them to get out they will take over my whole home and never leave!

Thank God I woke up and realized that my house is ant-free and ant invasion is the last thing I have to worry about.

A dream interpretation website claims that such a dreams occurs when your obsessing and worried about tiny details. No surprise there.

There are so many tiny stuff that involve the wedding that its exhausting :

1. Finding the perfect Nailpaints that will go well with each of your function outfits is an equal pain. You don't want to be too matchy-matchy in this world of contrast and you certainly don't want your nails screaming for attention.

Leaving it to your Makeup Artist is the safest bet, but if your a control freak (like me) this becomes an important issue. Plus you'll be buying nailpaints anyways might as well get a couple that match with the dresses, no?!

2. Hairstyle : I have recently realized I have 3 functions and absolutely no idea what hairstyle I want on them.

 I had the classic half-up half-down soft curls look on my engagement and am in no mood to repeat.

 I want to do a choti on one function, I have long hair so wont need any extensions, but not sure if I want it on the Mehendi or tilak........and if I do choti on one what do I do on the other?

 I have long voluminousness wavy hair which are totally unmanageable if left full open so that is not an option. Plus I am doing the Mehendi makeup and hair on my own so it has to be simple and nice.I can do a french braid very nicely and know a few bun styles.

But if I do a choti on Mehendi, what do I do on tilak?!

Can't do a bun on tilak since the same people will be at the wedding and the look remains same, plus its almost like a pre-wedding reception so the hair has to frame the face. Function is in an open area so cant open my hair, wind makes my hair look like a scarecrow cant take risks.

Dont want to do a bun at mehendi, I have to dance and there is a risk it will open since I am doing it on my own. see why I am so confused..

Although in the process I have learnt a few good buns...

This one is actually quite simple, you make a french braid and just tuck the end part.
I know its a bit messy and frizzy and all over the place, that always happens on the day I wash my hair.
I kind off like this bun a lot, but have absolutely no idea how I made it, it just kind of happened on its own. I was trying to make something else.

3. Makeup, Thanks to the SA at the MAC counter I now posses the knowledge to make my eyes look bigger and my face look high-cheekbony.

Although I was still confused bout how to do the winged eye liner thingy, I found this really easily tutorial :

I tried it on the full eye unlike the tutorial where she does it till mid eye lid

still need to practice how to do the middle correctly

4. Cooking
I know bits and parts of basic Indian cooking and can pretty much make things for people. Although I can make amazing dum aloo and shahi panner I have no idea how much time it takes for a dal to cook....must ask mom...

As far as experimenting with food goes, I love playing around in the kitchen but as my brother says either I come up with something amazing or something so bad it makes you want to vomit, I don't do anything thats the middle actually its all about luck that day.

I do make pretty good sandwiches, pizza's and cakes.

Thats a pink cake with cream and chocolate shavings

I eat something like this in a cafe and really wanted to see if I could replicate it....tasted pretty good

This was born out of the fact that mom forgot to cook lunch for the both of us and we had buns lying around 

5. Exercise and Diet

Most of you who have been following the blog would know that I have been doing power yoga from a few months now. It was all going along so well, lately the classes have been all mixed up and I have been too tired or too lazy to go. So no I am no longer regular in my exercise ..must get back on track!

Diet control is a bit more difficult...

Need to avoid things like chocolate pizza while out shopping...

And certainly need to ask the in-laws to stop sending such yummy mangoes!!

6. Gift Wrapping 

An Indian wedding involves gift giving to every single person invited to the wedding.

If your not an Indian or have no idea about an Indian wedding, please note we love to (when I say love to I mean socially obligated too) give gifts when we send wedding invites, when there is any festival (which are too many to count), on all wedding functions (any Indian wedding would have a minimum of 3 functions with 100+ guest), when we go to chit-chat, and the basis birthdays and more!

Giving a gift is not the end of the journey, it should be properly packed and presented.

I did most of the gift packing on my own for the trays, decorative flowers, dry flowers, thermocol balls from chandani chowk and looads of double sided tape!

Ignore the tiny white papers, thats just the mess. The picture is before cleanup.

The peacock feathers where a last minute impulsive buy by my mother, and I ended up using them on all!! 

Each packing was meant to be a little different but kind of looked a bit similar,, its just tiny details were different..color of the flowers, the kind of dry flowers (pot purri) put inside, etc. So it was similar and yet not same.

7. Stiching

The most un-exciting part of the wedding is going to the tailor aunty and explaining to her that no you DO NOT want your beautiful suit to be converted into a pakistani style kurta just because its in 'fashion'. What will you do with it once fashion changes.

Plus going every few days just to get the fitting right is not something you would want to do.

In the end I have stopped buying anything else just because I am too tired and irritated to get it stitched. Which in a way is a good thing I have got way too much stuff anyways..

8. Storage

The best part of wedding shopping is that nobody says no, you can buy to satisfy your every whim and fancy. The trouble comes when you have to store them properly till the wedding and then send them across to your new home.

9. Jewelry

Most of my major jewelry trousseau was done way before we started thinking about the wedding. Infact I owned my first piece of my bridal jewelry when I was 5.

This hasn't been much of an issue, only thing is I am quite confused what to wear on the tilak....Hate artificial jewelry of any kind and finding my looks to be quite repetitive now...still have to think it through...

10. Family and Friends

Its always better to have everything organised before hand and I know things will fall into place in the end. Never the less, quite worried that none of my parents or my brother have got anything to wear on all 3 days. Busy trying to figure what everyone will wear.

Most of my friends live outside Delhi, so have to insure I know when they are arriving. Need to remind some of the lazy ones to book tickets!

*Phew* There is sooo much more going on! will keep you updated!




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