Monday, September 10, 2012

An Indian Bride is also an Interior Designer

If your a bride or a newly wed you would know what the title means. Whether it means shifting in with your in-laws or making a bachelor pad into a happy 'couple' home, its more or less upto the new bride to make herself feel comfortable in her new abode.

A double bed, wardrobe, shoe rack (trust me you need one!) and a dressing table is just a starting point. If its just the two of you shifting in you need the start up sofa kit, a tiny dinning table , those cozy chairs to have coffee on and anything else that will fit in your new home.

Although boys have absolutely no interest in anything 'fashion' and would probably pick up the first thing they see. They do tend to have an opinion in the field of Interiors. Ask them what they want too! Mix both your styles together.

If you are looking at design (more than Quality) would recommend  places like Home Center, Shoppers stop, lifestyles, etc. The stuff looks certainly pretty but in case of beds won't recommend it much. The quality of wood is just so-so. Can try it for dressing tables, dinning tables, central tables, small sofa's and ofcourse all types of tiny interior stuff like flower vases, paintings/pictures, center pieces,etc.

In Delhi, Kirti Nagar is famous for 'wedding' furniture buying. Try the stores that are in the lanes not on the main road, they have similar designs at lesser prices. Best is, if you can find someone to guide you through.

Jail Road, you will defiantly get budget-friendly stuff here but the wood quality is really bad.

Little Tips :

1. Allocate most of your furniture budget into buying good quality bed, tables, dressing, anything which is suppose to last you long.

2. For interiors you can always save up by making a wall into your picture wall, just pictures of you, the boy and family. Have them framed in a simple black or single color frame and hang them all on one wall.

you can get them all to be black and white or all in sepia or colored pictures but with same colored frames

Great way to make your stair case look amazing!
*makes you wish you have a staircase to decorate, no?!*

3. Make the room a little simplistic, remember a clean room looks way better than a cluttered one.

4. Don't buy a 46" TV just because its the 'in' thing to do, get one which compliments the room and not dominates it.

5. Remember you DON"T have to buy everything straight away, a house turns into a home as slowly as the wedding turns into a marriage. It takes time. Let your walls and table tops breath free for a while and then built them up slowly.

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