Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Trousseau Bags

I know I have gone a bit bag crazy, 2 posts on bags in one day! But might as well spill out all 'gyan' when its rolling off my mind.

Carrying a bag on the function days is a no-no, if you still have doubts read this :

But Bags for your Trousseau's are as important as your clothes and jewelry.

Indian Festive/Dinner with in-laws/Just pepping up the LBD

Indian wear needs that little boost up from the bag and a little help to the LBD doesn't hurt.

To stand apart bags are a great accessory to flaunt and some are just an excellent way to start a conversation.

Now who doesn't like a great bag with skulls on it....ahh anyone from the  parent-generation....ok so maybe not the best bag to carry immediately the next day, but its a good one to show your punkish side to your new sister-in-laws
The Skull on this one are on the top, its a McQueen.
I own an original :D not the one in the picture but similar.
(and yes I am bragging :P )

Big Bag/ I-carry-my-emergency-kit-with-me bag/My-iphone5-is-to-big-for-a-clutch bag

Who says big bags have to be boring aunty type.

Chic Bags/Honeymoon Bags/I-don't-care-what-you-think-bags

Yes, post marriage you can still carry that huge Neon bag (yes mom I am talking about my green one), just don't carry them in front of your in-laws too much 

Ok now that we are done googling and ogling over bags lets get down to the real question :

How many should you buy??!

Well I wish I could say as many as you can, wedding does come with a huge budget but the budget still has a line of control, as much as many of us would wish it isn't limitless.

So here is the basic list :

1. Golden Clutch
2. Silver Clutch or any other color that will go well with most of your clothes.
3. Medium size bag (should go with both Indian and western wear)
4. Huge bag : For your office survival
5. Funky-center-of-attention bag, something crazy and wacky

There, even with a minimum budget these 5 basics can get you through.

Any other suggestions??

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