Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pre-Bridal : A necessity or Vanity

Just had my fist pre-bridal a few days back, still not sure if its worth it or not...

What is a Pre-Bridal?

Its basically a full skin care regime that you take before your wedding. It could just be a one day spa or a full 4 months routine.

What does it comprise of?

This more over depends on your skin and hair type. Most good Salons or MUA's will make a package that suits you and your budget.

Basics that it should have, 

If its a one day routine that your doing just a few days before the wedding :

1. Manicure
2. Pedicure
3. Facial (the one that will give you a happy bridal glow)
4. Waxing
5. Threading
6. Hair Spa
7. Body Polish
8. Body massage
9. If you can then the pre-bridal baths that used to happen in ancient Indian times with rose petals and everything.
10. and anything else that will calm the jittering nerves.

Apart from this if your going for a full 2 or 3 or 4 months pre-bridals

Then every month you should have :

1. Manicure
2. Pedicure
3. Facial/Clean up (depending on your skin)
4. Waxing
5. Hair Care

If things are over exceeding your budget then make sure you get atleast one pre-bridal before the wedding and just take good care of your skin by simple home remedies (post coming soon on this).

After all its your big should feel like a princess.

Where to get it done from?

Almost all salons offer a good deal when it comes to pre-bridal.

My suggestion consult your Makeup Artist (MUA) on this, she is the one who will be handling your skin on the D-day. Its her job to make it look fabulous and flawless. Its always better to ask the painter how he wants the canvas.

What am I doing?

I have roped my MUA in for this. She can't complain on the last day about my skin coz she is the one taking care of it ;P

I have the whole 4 month package, mainly because I had the time plus mani-pedi I usually used to get it done every month before as well and my hair is dry and a little frizzy-rough so I needed that extra care.

Not Sure if I really need a facial or a clean up but I am getting it done anyways. People anyway always recommend to have one in a month on a regular basis.

Wedding means a lot of meeting with in-laws months before the D-day for shopping or family dinners and its better to look pretty with well cared nails, skin and hair.

So what are you going to do??


  1. You are really very helpful. Looking forward to reading about tips for after marriage. I like it that you're very honest. Just stumbled across your blog today and am loving it!

  2. Such a helpful post. Can you please tell in detail about what is used in the pre bridal bath?

  3. Waiting for your reply on whats used in pre bridal baths :)


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