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The Photographer you NEED at your wedding! Meet Morvi!

What got you interested in Photography?

If I remember correctly, it all happened rather early. Dad got a Kodak point and shoot camera home back in the 1980s. And I guess that was just the beginning. The progression to make Photography an important part of my life happened naturally. I would sit in the library and stare at images for hours. They don’t have to be relevant. Just about any imagery is enough to activate my brain cells. I don’t think in works I think visuals.

What is your favorite moment in a wedding?

Seeing the look on the groom’s face when a bride first walks in her untouched grandeur for the first time is priceless.

Which is one picture that every girl must have on her wedding day?

For every father, his daughter is his princess and for a bride her father is the first man she ever fell in love with the man whom she would secretly compare every other man with. No wedding is complete without pictures highlighting this beautiful bond.

If a girl doesn't really have a budget for a candid photographer or the parents insist on a traditional 'studio' guy, what suggestion would you give.

Photography is a very important aspect of any wedding and largely new age urban families realize it and are willing to invest in hiring a good professional photographer. However, as you rightly mentioned there is a clientele that still prefers a traditional studio photographer as well. Therefore, I would suggest one should research well before approaching a photographer. There are many candid photographers out there who would always customize the packages based on your budget. Also, even if you cannot have the candid photographer at all your function I suggest you hire them for individual functions such as – Engagement, Sangeet, Phera’s , Reception etc.

What does your pricing start from. A rough estimate?

The prices depend on a few varying factors. Starting price 80000.

Which is your favorite wedding till date? 

Each wedding is close to my heart and soul. However, if I had to pick a favorite, it would be the destination wedding that I covered in 2012 at Devigarh Palace, Rajasthan. Beyond the opulence and fantastic persona of the venue, it was one of the defining assignments for me as a photographer. The couple Meesha Khanna and Devneet Bajaj hired me when I was still starting out and had immense faith in my work. I was the sole photographer at a wedding with over four hundred guests in a mammoth place. It was a tremendous responsibility and the couple’s conviction in my work made it so special.

Are you married? 

Yes, I have been blissfully married for a little over two years now. 

Who shot your wedding ?

The funny story about my wedding is that even then I was the lady behind the camera. Essentially, I had lots of my photographer friends who captured the most important day of my life for me and being an obsessive photographer, I could not keep my eyes off from how I was being clicked and kept directing them at every opportunity.

Where you a Traditional or Contemporary Bride?

I am a very vintage girl at heart with a modern outlook. So I was a little bit of both traditional and contemporary. It’s a wonderful blend. 

What is your most important advice to a Bride/Groom -to-be ?

Wedding is the most important day of a couple’s life. I am sure they get zillion advices from everyone, but if I had to give one to a Bride or a Groom to be, it will be simple – start planning your wedding early, whether it’s the venue, photographer, d├ęcor etc. Everyone tends to keep things off for later. The best part of planning early is it will give you plenty of time to enjoy your important day rather than being bogged down with these details. And on the day have fun, be romantic, laugh, kiss a lot and be yourselves!

Here is what Vidhi Agarwal (a Bride) had to say about Morvi :

Morvi is not just a wedding photographer she's a "superfreakingawesomeartistmagician." There were very few things I had control over in my wedding, but I knew I had to have the absolute best photographer there ever was and Morvi was exactly what I was looking for.

 There are a lot of drool worthy photographers out there, but for me these are the things that set her apart for me:

1. She is like a friend, makes you completely comfortable, you absolutely don't have to miss a single minute of your wedding to pose for pictures. You can focus on being the prettiest bride ever and she's in the background, capturing all those beautiful moments without you having to worry about anything.

2. She is extremely professional. She met me a week before my wedding to scout for spots where we could take pictures. She knew where all the functions were beforehand so that she didn't miss anything. She was always on time and stayed till the very end.

3. Obviously, I hired her because her pictures are like art. I almost can't believe the pictures she took of me. I fall in love with myself every time I look at them. ;), Seriously its been a year since I got married and people still compliment me on my wedding pictures. Colleagues in the United States want to know when she's going to be around so that they want to do a session with her.

All in all she's great and I would hire her again in a heartbeat.

WEBSITE : http://www.morviimages.com/
FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/MORVIIMAGES


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