Monday, October 6, 2014

A little chat with Lumos Films!

When I first heard of Lumos Films I was in love already, after all anybody who names their company after a Harry Potter Spell enters my list of favorite people!

I jumped onto their website and when I read 

" We capture the conversations you didn’t know we were recording, the flowers you had carefully picked but didn’t notice that day, your mother looking at you as you looked at each other.  We make a fim that reminds you of how it felt when you married him. Or her"

I read this and I was like "These girls KNOW a wedding", because yes you do pick out the flowers at your wedding and nobody really notices them, infact I completely forgot how much I agonized about which flower I wanted and completely forgot about them as the year passed!

Maybe that is an advantage of having an all girls team, they understand the fine workings of a Bride-to-be's mind ;) So I went ahead and we had a little chat :

1. I see that you have an amazing team, How did you guys come together ?

We have complimentary skills when it comes to film making and our wavelengths match. We'd already been making films on a variety of subjects before we decided to give our first wedding film a shot. There has been no looking back ever since!

2. What are each members favorite wedding moments!?

Shagun: I love seeing the reaction of the couple when they view the final wedding film.

Adhira: I like the baraat, because its full of energy and fun!

Namrata: I love the part where the panditji reads out the wedding vows. They are pretty hilarious, and he usually adds funny jokes that has everyone cracking up!       

Tanya: My favourite wedding moments are the short bytes that we take of the closest friends and family members and the quirky secretive insights of the couple that they share with us. 


3. A lot of brides feel their wedding won't be 'fun' enough to be captured as an epic video, sometimes parents just say no to things like a photo booth or the bride not acting like a 'bride', and prefer the things to remain traditional. Have you faced such as issue?

Usually the couple getting married are enthusiastic about, and take a call on hiring a service like ours. Some parents take time in warming up to the concept of creative wedding films as its relatively new, though most are happy to go ahead with what their daughters/ sons want. 

All weddings, whether traditional or non-traditional, offer a wide range of emotions. A memorable film is one that reflects all these emotions, ranging from exhilaration to intimate bittersweet moments. 

We make films that will remind you of how it felt when you married him/ her.

4 What is the lowest budget that you have worked with? 

Every film has its unique requirements and hence the budget varies. The first film we made just about covered our costs!

5. What is one picture every girl must have on her wedding day!?

A bride must have photographs that capture her transformation from a simple girl to a bride, they come out stunning. Make sure you take a few photographs when the bride is getting ready. I missed out on those :'( 

6. How can people re-create something similar in a lower budget? Any DIY suggestions

Everyone has a smartphone these days and technology has made it really easy to make videos. If you choose not to hire a professional creative film maker, there's a lot you can do yourself to create an everlasting memory.

The bride can ask her friends and sisters to shoot intimate and candid moments, as they will be closest to the action. 

Another approach can be to have a running theme through out the video. For example: you could ask all the guests to describe the bride/groom/couple in one sentence. This could make for a fun video with interesting answers. You can also add a soundtrack and other graphics. 

There are lots of free editing apps and softwares that you can use to make videos. Some are 
iMovie (For iOS only)
Cinefy(For iOS only)
Videocraft (For iOS only)
Video Maker Pro Free
Video Editor: All in One
Windows Movie Maker

Keep the video short and snappy, and its sure to be a hit!

7. Best wedding till date?

Its' hard to choose a favorite wedding, they have all been amazing! 

We recently shot a cross cultural wedding, which was different and interesting. The bride was Indian and the groom Australian, so the wedding had both traditional ceremonies. 

Another thing that occupied equal importance as the two ceremonies at the wedding was cricket! In testimony of the great love Australians have for cricket, the grooms friends would break out into a game at the drop of a hat - during the mehndi ceremony and even right before the wedding began!

8. What would be your one advice to the Bride/Groom -to-be

The best memories are those that stay in the heart (videos of course are a close second ;)). 

From what we've seen, the couples who don't take stress and stay carefree through the events seem to have the most fun. So chill out and enjoy! 

Lumos Films
Contact: Shagun - 98117 94649  |  Adhira - 98732 33550

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