Friday, December 26, 2014

Are Full Finger Rings the NEW Engagement Rings??

I saw this ad for diamond Finger rings and I was so certain if this had come out 2 years back then it would have certainly adorned my hand on my engagement, of course this is not something you can wear every day but can you imagine how awesome this would look on your engagement???

How about simple round full finger rings??
 You might be able to wear that all day, and your husband's bank balance might still be saved to spend over Honeymoon??

What do you think??

PS: My brother's wedding got over! Post's on that soon!!
PPS: If you are wondering what happened and why am I not posting then its because I got nail extensions done and they are a pain to work with, getting them removed tomorrow, hopefully will be back to blogging soon!


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  2. Nice rings. Diamond engagement rings are popular throughout the world. People from different countries have a common choice in their engagement, all they want the precious and royal diamond. So glorify your engagement event with the most sparkling diamond ring.


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