Monday, July 8, 2013

DIY Universal Saree Blouses!

What are universal saree blouses?
Those basic gold, silver and black blouses that everyone's been talking about. They go with most saree's and you dont have to worry about matching blouses.

So where do you get them from?
In Delhi M-Block is full of them! and so is every small little shop around town. Meena Bazaar and Greenways have the prettier embroidered ones.

Why the DIY?
1. They don't fit! they are made in a standard size 36", even if the button closes perfectly there are alterations that are required.


2. some have the weirdest hemlines with the center going up

I have never seen anyone wear that on purpose, why do they make them like that?! reminds me of a fish tail...


What do you need?
A good tailor, fabric and tiny borders (optional)

What Fabric to get?
Brocade is the one thats mostly used in blouses.
You can also use georgette brocades (also called khadi silk).
Raw Silk always gives a nice matt-shine finish, quite elegant looking.
If your a bling person there is quite a lot of sequence in the market these days.

Here are a few pictures of different blouses and I will try de-coding the blouse fabric for you. (For the picture above the Fabric is Artificial Silk.

Brocade blouse with golden gota borders

This is again Brocade, but embroidery has been done on it, so it looks richer.
Since its a tiny piece its difficult to make out but looks like raw silk
I first thought its printed cotton, but if you look at it closely you can see the white booties are woven, this is chanderi. 

btw, the market is full of neon sequence these days!

Where can you get the fabric, latkans and laces from?
I prefer Lajpat nagar in Delhi. Its more organised and easily accessible when you want smaller quantities and Kinnari Bazaar at Chandani chowk is ofcourse the hub of it all.

What next?
Once you have got all your stuff, visit your tailor, pick a simple design so that it goes with everything! and give your measurements.

What to keep in mind!
Here matchy is your word! If your making a Golden blouse stick to golden latkans, same for silver. Absolutely no contrast colors on your basic blouses. Otherwise your 'universal' blouse will no longer be universal.

Have fun!


  1. Such a good idea with the brocade blouse!! I have been meaning to get a couple of universal blouses stitched but I had no idea that brocade was even an option!! I'm so doing this now!!!

  2. Indian Wedding Sarees are adorable in their design. The vividness we see in design are in number. They have appealing look through a great art work.

  3. Hi, Nice wok here.. Please do more DIY posts.. so very few indian fashion bloggers do that..
    For ages I've been trying to figure out how to make sabyasachi style multiple tassel /ball latkans on single cord.. May be you could offer some insight..

    1. Hi Neethu, sure will try to do more DIY's. Will do the tassel DIY soon.


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