Saturday, July 27, 2013

ROHIT BAL , Day 4 Aamby Valley India Bridal Fashion Week

Yes I know I am due to write about Day 3 and the first show of Day 4, but I cant contain my excitement about the Rohit Bal show, so I am skipping the rest and will come back to them a little later.

The show was packed! Seating arranged had been increased to accommodate the huge crowd and people were still left standing, although no one complained this was THE show everyone had been waiting for, I certainly was!

Rohit Bal is known for his extravagant style, he is the showman of the industry and surely enough when you entered the main stage area you were greeted by huge lotuses hung from the ceiling, draped lights all around. It was like entering a new world.

The room was darkened once when the announcement for the start of the show was pitch darkness came the glow of the first lotus and then the next, in random order one by one all lotuses lit up from inside...

Songs like 'Lag jaa gale' (Woh Kaun Thi, 1964) set the pace for the show, followed by 'Yeh hai reshmi zulfon ka andhera' (Mere Sanam, 1965), 'Baahon mein chale aao' (Anamika, 1973) and 'Aaiye meherbaan' (Howrah Bridge, 1958), moving on to more contemporary 'Kehna hi kya' (Bombay, 1995) and an instrumental version of 'Roja jaaneman' (Roja, 1992), only to return to 'Aa jaane jaan'

The press release was a scroll inside a beautiful box which read " The collection titled Mulmul is a journey through centuries of Indian and Elizabethan era...

The collection was rightly described as What dreams are made of....

When you look at these garments you have a tough time trying to understanding if its printed or embroidered, after zooming in and out from my camera I could finally make out that its Kashmiri Gold Kasab embroidery

The Brides


Sonam Kapoor steps out in a gorgeous white lehenga, decked with jewels. If the lehenga was red than this would have been for me the perfect bride.

Know your designer

1. Rohit Bal was born in Kashmir and graduated from St. Stephens College with a degree in history. He also studied at the National Institute of Fashion Technology

2. Bal started his career with his brother Rajiv Bal in New Delhi in 1986, and started his own first independent collection in 1990.

3. Rohit Bal always watches his show from the audience (head ramp).

4. He and his models mostly break into dance at the end of his show.

BTW my views might be obstructed by my love for his designs. If there was anyone that could convince me to buy a over 5 lakh lehenga that would be him..

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  1. Love the decor, especially the lotus decor! Love the lehengas of course! Not a big fan of red wedding lehengas, but his designs made me drool!!
    P.S - You look fab!! Love the jacket on your sari :D


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