Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Saga Of My Wedding Shoes

Guest Post by Anya Singh

I got married fairly recently (a little over two months back). And I had all of about 3 weeks to do my wedding shopping. Although my Mum had been busy shopping for all the pretty (wedding related) stuff for me, there were still some things that required my time and attention, and one of them was my wedding shoes.

Now it is only logical to think that one would buy their wedding shoes once they have figured out what to wear for the wedding. And the same happened in my case, only that I had not been able to find a lehenga to my liking till about 12 days before my wedding. (OMG!)Yes, you heard it right- 12 freaking days before the wedding. And once I zeroed in on the gorgeous lehenga, ahead of me lied the rather daunting task of buying matching accessories (bridal jewellery, bangles, shoes and the likes).

So I set out on a mission to find a pair of shoes that had the following qualities:
 1. Went perfectly well with my bridal lehenga.
2. Was not too blingy.
3. That could be worn with Indian wear as well as Western wear.
4. That was not too uncomfortable.
5. That did not have really high heels (I am fairly tall).

And in my search for the wedding shoes which possessed the above mentioned qualities, I searched, and searched till I could not search anymore, and just as I had almost given up hope, I found a pair of shoes that was just prefect. I had explored almost all the markets know for their bridal finery- from Lajpat Nagar to Karol Bagh to Greater Kailash to Noida to South Extension to most of the malls. But nothing caught my fancy. So I decided to give my beloved Connaught Place a try. And to my utter surprise and relief I found THE shoes in the second shop (Vansons) that I visited.

Now my wedding lehenga has gotapatti work- and it is neither gold, nor silver- it is a mix of both of them. We could say the work is ‘white gold’ in colour. Gorgeous work, but then again not too easy to work with, in terms of accessories and make-up.

So I had to find white-gold heels, and white gold heels I managed to find. The shoes are not too blingy and can be easily teamed-up with Indian wear as well as Western wear. And they do not look bridal from any angle, yet they went perfectly with my bridal lehenga. The only thing being that the heel was a little high. Now what might be high for me might seem average to you, but then again I am fairly tall and did not want to appear like a tower at my own wedding. Anyway, I had decided to buy the heels and bought them home thinking I would manage to wear them for a couple of hours (for Jaimaal and all that jazz) as I had a spare pair of golden heels which would go perfectly well with the yellow saree (I am a Rajput and we get married in yellow saree) that I had to wear later (for the actual shaadi) during the night.

I tried on the shoes with my lehenga, and they looked like they were made for each-other ;) And yet I could team-up these shoes with any of my pretty dresses. Although it was a bit of a pain to break in to those shoes for a couple of hours at the wedding, looking back, I would not have picked up any other pair.

PS: The spare (comfy) golden heels that I wore later during the night were such a life-saver! My tip for all the brides-to-be would be to always carry a spare pair of shoes (irrespective of whether you have to change your clothes later).

Anya Singh can be seen blogging around about Fashion, makeup and all things fun at Clothes and Creativity. Check out her blog http://clothesandcreativity.blogspot.in/


  1. Thanks, Jyoti! :)
    You may want to checkout my blog Clothes and Creativity http://clothesandcreativity.blogspot.in/

  2. Nice post... I think golden and silver heels are must along with beige, back and a bright colored heel of your choice.. opsss too much of footwear :D


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