Tuesday, January 6, 2015

STORE REVIEW : Chandni Chowk, Sudhir Bhai

Sudhir Bhai has certainly been a favorite haunt of Brides-to-be in Delhi for many years. Somehow I never got around to visiting it during my wedding shopping, so when it was my brother's turn to tie the knot I decided that atleast one of my dress would be from Chandni Chowk!

I went on a weekday around lunch time, so thankfully there wasn't much crowd, but as the time progressed it feels as if ever single bride in town has arrived at Sudhir Bhai. Its always better to go on a weekday and even better still as early as possible. While the staff is polite and Sudhir Bhai himself tries to accommodate everyone, the sheer amount of number makes it impossible to wait on everyone.

Infact I once went on a Saturday around 2, and we had to leave empty handed without even seeing one inch of anything after waiting for 45min, that is the amount of traffic Sudhir Bhai gets!

But once you have the undivided attention of a Salesman the number of possibilities he brings in front of you are so many! Now when I went in I had restrictions :

1. I needed a lehenga that was under 30-40k.
2. I wanted it within a month.
3. The lehenga obviously should be of my size, and since I am now defiantly larger than the normal sample size, it meant they had to either find a lehenga which I could fit into or find one that could be easily re-made within a month.
4. And most importantly I wanted a lehenga I would love

Despite the fact that the lehenga had to be made in less than a month and they would have to make it from scratch to fit me, the salesman brought atleast 30 different styles and designs! And consider this they were all within my budget!

Sudhir Bhai does not allow taking pictures, so I don't really have any of the store, just a few of me and my lehenga.

While I was searching for my lehenga a girl next to me was searching for her bridal one, and OMG such beauties where the designs, the best thing I found was that lehenga's above 1L had excellent quality and the similar designs if we were to purchase from say Frontier would easily cost an upwards of 2L. The lehenga below 1L were great too in terms of designs and quality, but if you are looking at lehenga's with the quality of Frontier I would recommend only to check the ones above 1L.

If however you are not a Quality freak then you would like all the lehengas, they do have a great quality-price mix!

The negative points I did find were:

1. They do not stitch the blouse, so even if you order your bridal lehenga from here they will give you a good fit lehenga but you would still have to take the choli to your trusted tailor.

2. A little lack in punctuality, I was late in picking up my lehenga, and after I called on the 5th day, past the date of pick up, They still needed one more day to get it at the store. I would strongly advice that you take atleast a 10 days buffer while telling them by what date you want it ready and call them before going to the shop!

What I did love was the way they wrap the lehenga's, its like a little gift :)

One thing I would love to applaud them for is the well kept toilet, yes their toilet. If you have been to Chandni Chowk you would know how tiny, and how crowded these shops are and then to find a toilet that is so clean, smells great , has different soaps to choose from and a clean towel is such a grateful feeling!

Anyways, I do HIGHLY RECOMMEND Sudhir Bhai for every Bride-to-be!

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