Monday, February 25, 2013

To all Sisters and Friends @ a Wedding

This post is dedicated to my sisters and friends. Thank you for all the help!

Being the eldest daughter I have actually held each and every sister of mine, so when the time for my wedding came I commanded and demanded things from them without thinking whether or not they want to do it. My baby sisters did not once say 'no'.

I am today extremely happy of the support and love each of them gave me...I remember during Vidaii it was one of my youngest sister that came up to me to wipe my tears..

It is however not the orders that I asked them to do or the things that I expected that make me so grateful to have them, it is the one tiny unexpected thing they did that make me love them more then ever...

While I was on stage every time I got a bit nervous or was surrounded by a pool of strangers and needed a familiar face I would look to my left and one of them would always be there.

It was much later, after the wedding that I found out my sisters had taken the decision to take shifts and not leave me alone, one or two of them would always be sitting around incase I needed anything.

My Friends played there part perfectly as well! Thank you for making me dance to my heart content, for being by my side when I was uncomfortable, for running with me to the balcony to see the baraat, and for being there always! We may not be related by blood but our as close to me as my sisters

And finally to you, my childhood friend, my sister, the maid-of-honor (slave-of-honor) you kind of fit into both the categories but a mention of you separately is essential! I shall not say a formal Thank you to you, with you I take everything for granted, I am the burden that you have to carry :P


So if your friends/sisters weddings coming up, be there for the Bride!
Remember even if you think your support might go unnoticed and unappreciated trust me the bride see's it all and in her hearts of heart even if she doesn't say it she appreciates every small help...

and it goes without saying when your time comes her experience will help you...

Friends and sisters @ Tilak.
See the left most Saree,  its designed by me, see it in details here

Sisters @ Mehendi

Friends @ Mehendi

Friends wore either Saree or light lehenga

Sisters on my special request wore only lehenga's @ the wedding

Jacket Lehenga, slave-of-honor got this made

This lehenga also got stiched , really nice borders  (will try to see if I can find a closer picture) , but needs accessories 

My friend wore her wedding Saree, her's was a morning South Indian wedding.
Find this saree very pretty


Thats what my sister-in-laws wore

Other Online inspirations for sisters and friends :

how about a loud blouse and a simple plain saree

or maybe a quirky one?


  1. what are weddings without sister and friends ! love all those lehenga and sarees they wore.. am so much in awe of you , after seeing the saree u designed <3

  2. I agree with Sukanya. Even I liked the blue saree.

  3. Great feeling at wedding time. Without Friends no fun in wedding. At wedding time bride wants to look beautiful because everyone's eyes see the bride. if you want to latest designer Lehenga & gota Patti sarees at reasonable price by online.


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