Monday, February 11, 2013

The Black and White Bride

North Indian Brides are known for there colorful-ness, even if you wear pastels the grandmothers  shake their head on the 'faded' color. So when did black and white became a color of preference??

Well they are not really a first choice or a must have, but many brides do opt for them, a lot of NRI's specially.

The crown is a bit too much but the saree-gown is great!

Adding color to the basic white and black might make it 'acceptable'


  1. make sure our grandmother never sees this. ever. i wasn't allowed to wear black, white, green or blue for the wedding. and it wasn't my wedding, it was yours :P

    1. I assume this 'anonymous' is the Sister-who-didn't-dance :P
      and I agree our grandmother would faint!

      btw I did wear a Royal Blue Saree with a Black border on the POOJA day :P

      haha....but a lot of NRI's with liberal grand-mom's are going in for different neutral color combinations and whites and cremes do look pretty!


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