Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nail Art : Pre and Post Bridal

Nail Art seems to be the order of the day, specially if your getting engaged. With pictures having a special focus on your hand and a million people asking to look at the 'dazzling ring' you need to insure your hand looks as sparkly as the ring.

If I had known about nail art earlier I would have certainly gone for nail art for my engagement! The only reason I didn't get it done for the wedding was because I had too many events back to back and I didn't want my nails looking same in all functions..

Ofcourse nail extentions are always the option. If your the bride who nibbles on your nails when tensed and its taking all your self-control to stop your self, this is the answer. Get natural nail extensions a month before the wedding. This way you can still use any nail paint you want.

As to why you should get it a month earlier, one of the nail artist advised me the same. She said " When you get it done it takes a little time to get used to it...although it wont break girls are always worried. On your D-day you'll already have a heavy lehenga and a million other things on you, the last thing you need to worry about is a nail. So get it done a little early so you have time to get used to them. Plus they last 3 months!."

If your planning to go ahead with nail art for your D-day its better to may be try it out on one finger first.
You demand a trial makeup then why not a trial nail art.

Really like this one, not very 'bridal' but love the whole 'quite' look of it

There are a lot of nail art salons in Saket Mall, Delhi which do an excellent job, also love 1010 the nail spa


I am sure you have seen the launch of new nail art stickers by loreal, I still have to try them. Here is a review by another blogger

Learn here how to do Newspaper Nails

Buy Nail Crackle (pic below) here, its easy to do yourself. Apply a base coat then apply a coat of this nail paint...wait..and it crackles on its own!

Magnetix! You apply the paint, put the provided magnet on top and voila design gets imprinted.

You can buy this here
Word of Advice though I havn't personally used it and havn't heard great reviews about it, so try at your own risk!

Have you tried nail art before?? If so please share your views!


  1. I wanted to do some of this sort but wasnt allowed to step out of the house a few days before the wedding. I must admit that my nails werent as perfect as they should have been!

  2. preety designs


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