Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hairstyle for the new Bride Part 2

After such a great response to the 1st Hairstyle article which seems to be the most read article on the blog after 16 Singar here is another one!

Hairstyle for the New Bride was written while I was learning and researching new trends for my then long hair, but pre-honeymoon I cut my hair shoulder length *gulp*, So all that research went a bit down the drain. Fortunately a lot of them are such that they can be used for short hair too! 

So started my journey for a bit of research again for both long and short hair!

SHORT HAIR (ofcourse long hair beauties can try these too)

Half Open-Half Closed
I make this the most!
Its my quickest way to get my hair dressed up.
See a video at (start watching from 50sec)

This is a simple Knotted pony,  works on all types of hair.
Can be done back or sideways

Surprisingly this works with short hair!
I thought great buns need long lengths!

LONG HAIR  ( *jealous*)

Four strand Braid

When I had long hair I used to make this....*sigh* looks very pretty

Add a tiny braid in between your normal 3 strand braid

For immediate wavy hair using a straightener.
The thinker the braid the bigger the wave.
Small braid like this = smaller waves 

See Hairstyles for the New Bride 1 :


16 Singar :


I love reading what you have to say :)

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