Monday, January 21, 2013

Wedding Event 6.1 : The Big Fat Indian Wedding part 1

Since this event was huge it is hard to put it in just one sit down relax and enjoy reading..

Decoration and Caterer

We sat down with the decorator and Caterer more than 6 months before the wedding. Having the whole family there had its advantages. With all of us present to discuss what kind of decoration we wanted and what kind of event we expected it was a pleasant surprise when we found out we had a common vision.

And seeing that vision being brought to life was probably the best wedding gift...

None of us had expected it to be so huge, even when we discussed what we wanted we just told our decorator our wildest dream wedding, the whole big fat Indian wedding package, all royal and Indian-y.

He sent us drawings of how the stage and entrance would look, after going through it all we thought "this is probably how it will feel like, he will construct something similar." Because to create what he had sent us on an empty field was something next to impossible.

As for food the caterer is an old family friend and had catered at most of our family event before, his paneer is to die for! so when he gave us the menu we just told him to do what he wants.

Everything else from how the tree's would be decorated, what should be placed where, every details was discussed in details till the last day!

2 days before the wedding I remember calling up the caterer and telling him that I wanted cotton candy at the wedding and if it wasn't to much trouble and he made that possible too.

Wedding is an extensive project on its own and needs to be followed up till the last day!

The day of the wedding we reached around noon at the venue and to our surprise we could see our dream turn to reality...


My dad was very clear that the wedding should be a reflection of our culture and should keep the guest entertained at all time. After all only few people are actually interested in the bride and groom the rest are just there for the food and because social etiquette demands them to be. I know it sounds bad to the bride who demands all attention on her D-day but its true.

Our Wedding took place in a mandir complex and hence recorded 'filmy' songs weren't aloud, so no DJ. This infact started as a road block but ended up being a advantage because it intrigued our imagination and forced us to think.

We called in a Bangra troop, Rajisthani dancers and shahanai players.

When people entered the wedding they were greeted by Live Shahanai players, as they entered the main wedding area there was a jugal bandi going on between Rajisthani dancers and bangra troop. In between there was a dhol wala playing in the grounds.

There was a fire show, a rajisthani dancer dancing with matki's on her head, a khulhad ki chai wala roaming around.

Pagdi wala

We called in a pagdi wala to tie padgdi for all men of the house. So before the baraat came everyone had matching padgi.

Read about the rest at :

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