Monday, March 4, 2013

The Hindi Serial Wedding

With Bollywood going 'Modern' we now have run-away weddings, beach weddings and the 'raat-kay-dayi-bajey' weddings. No longer do we get inspiration from the grand bollywood styles weddings, instead the week wedding concept has tickled down to hindi Serials.

So here are some TV inspiration for the brides to be :

See the jewelry on her shoulder, how about a blouse with those sleeve??

Love her hair!

for the boys

Floral Jewelry...I am not really a big fan of it but a lot of people are opting for this

I have seen this lehenga on a website some where....cant seem to place where...

If you are like me and floral jewelry repels you and you still want it in your wedding then how about a lehenga embellished with flowers??

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