Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wedding File 8 : Honeymoon : South Africa!

I started writing about Goa, when I realized that I haven't yet written about South Africa!!
There is sooo much to tell and so little space, don't want to bore you much so will try to be precise...

We booked our tour via Cox and Kings, rather my then-fiance-now-husband booked it as a surprise!  if you have been following the blog you will know why I wasn't involved in the decision making.

It took us 25 hours to reach South Africa, we switched flights in between. It could have taken us less amount of time to reach, but would have cost us the same amount as the whole 11 day trip.

Since we were going back in time with each flight we ended up being served 3 breakfast!!

Cango Wildlife Ranch
See the left bottom picture, one of the tiger cub is called Shahrukh Khan!

Patted a cheetah!!
He was ok when everyone else patted him, but the minute I did right after this picture it turned towards me, the wildlife range people rushed to my side to move me away.
When I fearlessly went to the next cheetah to pat him he roared at me!! Guess cheetah's dont like me much...

Cango Cave, they were super beautiful!

Ostrich Farm
Below Right picture : Yes I am standing on Ostrich eggs! They are the strongest of all eggs.

Sunset Cruise on Knysna Lagoon
This is the one we had most fun on, best feature of the whole trip :)

Betty's Bay

Pictures with everything yellow, in Cape town

Cape town
Got our pictures clicked with a recently married Christian Couple,
 just like they get clicked with Indian bride and groom when they come to India :P
Best Pizza of the trip! Cheese, Basil and Cherry Tomatoes.
Dance performance @ Victoria and Alfred Waterfront

Diamond Factory!

Seal Island in Atlantic Ocean


Welcomed by African dance
Visit to Victoria Falls
We also took a cruise on the Zambezi River

Some of the yummy food we had!
We are eggitarians, so ofcourse eating the local food was a no-no.
Breakfast was at the hotels and not big of an issue since there was always bread, eggs and really good deserts.
Lunch was tit-bits and dinner was good though out.
 We were provided with Indian dinner every day except in Victoria Falls where we had pizza for dinner instead.
Below Right : Popcorn Chocolate, super yum!!

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  1. Awww!! Look at you two!!! So in love!!!
    I've been to S Africa so I can relate - it really is the best honeymoon destination! The only reason I didnt go there for mine was that I had already seen it - but you guys r so lucky to have experienced it on your honeymoon!

    Love your outfits - and that pic with the yellow taxi is soooo cute!!!

    1. <3 :)
      It really was soo much fun!
      Loved South Africa! it is the perfect blend of adventure and romance! was truly a fun-filled honeymoon, so thankful to my husband for choosing it :D

    2. PS : I love saying 'my husband' now :D still getting used to it but it feels so good, are you getting used to saying it??

  2. You got to see the penguins and seals!!! Oh I wanna see too!! I hv never been to SA.. How was GOA??

    1. go to SA whenever you get a chance! amazing place!!

      Goa was SUPER fun! post coming up on it soon!!

  3. are not only good in writing but with camera too!!!
    Good luck!


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