Monday, March 11, 2013

Wedding File 7 : The Next Day

It seemed unfair to me that I let my readers down. After all once all the brides-to-be had finally become brides and entered the new home as a 'Bahu' this blog became a bit irrelevant for them.

This doesn't seem right, after all you have been following the blog of a while now and no longer can you look at it for help, tips or just for a time-pass read.

So today we re-invent this blog a bit, it will still serve the brides-to-be with ideas and inspirations, shop reviews, discounts, exhibitions, skin care and a LOT more.

It will now also include tips and tricks for the New Bride aka the New Bahu, handling the in-laws, setting up the home and dividing the house hold responsibility. A take on both living with in-laws and living without them.

Let the journey begin where we last left it, post Vidaii, in the wee hours of 25th Nov.

The car arrived at the doorsteps of my new home..

My in-laws love everything filmy and everything serial-y. So ofcourse on the day of the wedding when me and the boy arrived home late night (early morning) we were welcomed in with an arti thali, followed by pushing a Kalash by my right foot so that the rice inside it spilled in the house. Next I steeped into a thali of Alta and was asked to walk into my new home.

We walked to the mandir in the house and post that were taken into the living room to sit among numerous relatives. That was probably the most awkward and uncomfortable moment of all, cause you are just sitting there unaware what to do and there are about 20 people staring at you.

Finally to break the ice my youngest 'Devar' (Brother-in-law) preformed a little dance for me on 'yo yo honey singh!' (lol)

We went off to sleep for 2 hours, rather everyone else went off to sleep and I was left to detangle my enormous hair-do, although my MUA was kind enough to not do a lot of back-combing I still had a lot of wrapped gajara around it to unwrap, so by the time I finished it was time to take a bath and get ready for the morning functions and pooja.

We were taken to a near by mandir first by my mother-in-law and along went my 2 devars. After bowing our heads dutifully to all gods we palyed Santi in the mandir complex. 

Santi is a game played between devar and bhabhi. We were both given neem sticks and asked to hit each other thrice. This is an indication that the bhabhi is like a mother to her devar and can reprimand him henceforth. 

By the time we came back home everyone else had woken up and it was time to play the famous Kangna. 

Remember when we tied the kangna on the day of Haldi well it was time for the boy to open the knots using one hand and I got to open his using two hands.

I had less number of knots and he should have been able to open mine quicker but he twisted and turned it so much that everytime he opened one knot he would end up making two more (hahaha)

Next was 'find-the-ring

I had planned to let the boy win this but the whole family said they were on my side, so for them I tried to win, which I did :P but its true the sister responsible for putting in the ring insured it was on my tiny cheating.

Open the Fist: we were suppose to put the ring in our fist and the other person had to try opening it. I was allowed 2 hands while the boy had to use only one hand. (I did break my nails during this!)

Mu Dhikahyi ( See the brides face)

First my hair was Oiled and re-made, I was still wearing my shaadi ki chudiya which were then changed to onces given by my in-laws.

It was time for all the Aunts and other female relatives to gather around and see my face and give gifts. So I did what the Brides used to do in earlier times, put a gungat.

Ofcourse we did have fun with it
This was followed by the devars sitting on my lap and not getting up till they received money.

I was then asked to make Halwa, which I did and ended up putting too much ghee! (Oops)

It was almost 3pm by the time we finished all the games and rasams, it was then when we finally sat down for breakfast!


  1. Awww what a great post! I can totally relate! You look very fresh and happy in the pics - not tired at all!

    I didnt have to do the alta thing, but I have always wondered - does it stain the bottom of your feet or does it come off?

  2. You dint sleep for two days!! How did you manage? I liked your winked eye pic! :)

    1. Used to it, during my last semester in college I survived with half n hour of sleep each day for 3 weeks straight....and during wedding so much is going on, specially when you enter into the new home that sleep is really the last thing on your mind.

      I like it too! ;P

  3. It's seriously amazing how awake and lively you look even after not sleeping for so long. Lovely photos!


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