Saturday, March 23, 2013


The very first words that I wrote on the blog were:

"Kill me and kill me now!

Like an idiot I decided to join MBA earlier this year, and now have 5 months to the wedding and  have exams in couple of weeks!
Well in all fairness when I joined MBA I didnt think I will be getting married this soon."

Well I am married over 3 months now but the dreaded MBA hasn't left me alone. Like a typical Bridezilla I forgot about all things un-weddingy, as a result I couldn't give my 2nd semester exams and now they loom over my head like a knife ready to strike.

I have to give 10 exams in one go! 2nd and 3rd semester!
Although the exams are in June/July I have MAJOR assignment submission going on right now!

And if your wondering why I am blabbering about it on the WEDDING blog...well that's how I started it! So  be ready to read about a LOT of MBA frustration! 

Don't worry you will still get a good dose of wedding stuff too!

Lakme Fashion Week is going on! Lets hope its inspiring for Brides-to-be!

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