Sunday, June 2, 2013

Husband-Free Weekend

Husband is out on some work for the weekend, for the first time since the wedding I will be alone. Hmmm either I can sit and mope...or...

1. Watch Chic Flicks back to back

2. Catch up with the girls

3. Have a Spa Day!

4. Spend time with In-laws

5. Sleep in the middle of the bed

What do you do when your husband/Fiance is out of town??


  1. My hubby is out of town as well - I actually came to spend a few days at my parent's house. Word of advice: I told hubby I'll enjoy having the bed to myself...but I didn't :(

    Its so weird how quickly you get used to good things. I missed him terribly and felt so lonely! You'll want him back before the weekend is over trust me!

    1. I know I am missing him now, wrote this in the morning by evening I was missing him already. 2 days is max I can stay away from him. No one to cuddle :(


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