Saturday, June 8, 2013


CIW Treasure Box Present's

Navakriti Artist!

Remember when I bumped into someone from Navakriti Artist at Lajpat and found these wonderful Mehendi candles being made, re-fresh your memory here

Well she has been generous enough to treat us with a beautiful candle!

Stand a change to WIN THIS!

All you have to do is :

Tell us innovative ways to use this candle! 

Most innovative one wins! Multiple answers welcome!

Giveaway Ends 18th June! Hurry!!

Rules :
1. No anonymous comments, you can have a bogus name but not something that simply says anonymous. 
2. 'Like' both Crazy Indian Wedding Facebook Page HERE and Navakriti Artists Facebook Page HERE
3. My friends and relatives are not allowed to participates (No mom you still can't)
4. No international shipping options yet. (sorry
5. The prize will be sent to you by 1-2 week. I will try to pick a courier service that  does no damage, but no guarantee.

PS : For those of you who are wondering why I changed the previous question, well I realized it sounded sooo much like Professor Lockhart's Question paper in Harry Potter series (haha)


  1. Would gift it to a bride with their initials on it
    Savita Sharma

  2. Use it in a pre-bridal spa treatment

    Tanya Arora

  3. Innovative ways to use the candle... well wedding based, you could give it as a bridal shower prize, you could utilize in a "unity candle" ceremony, or simply light it... None of these are too "innovative" I suppose. Honestly, I think the best idea would be to let your future husband know that when this candle is lit, he is in trouble. haha. A warning light. haha. :)

  4. I would use it sooo many ways-
    1. At my bachelorette bash where the theme would be twinkling lights.
    2. As a beautiful decoration piece for our first night after marriage. ;)
    3. For a surprise romantic candle light dinner at home with future hubby. ;)
    4. Lighting it up in a dark room and talk about ghosts and other crazy stuff with all my female cousin gang when they come to stay at home during the wedding. ;)


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