Sunday, March 16, 2014

I know what you did Last Holi....Wedding Files : Ankita

Hello lovely ladies, I am back to continue my quirky story from where I left off. But before I go there, a very happy holi to all of you! Hope colours of joy, prosperity and lots of laughter fill all your lives :-)
Last year on holi, me and my then boyfriend were discussing our future plans (only after we had sneaked away from friends to snuggle and play "boyfriend-girlfriend holi", but don't tell anyone :D).

 We were a week away from our graduation, and with our jobs being in different cities and him going to live with his parents (same city as his job), we did not know when we would meet again. This disturbed both of us, and we were anxious discussing what we should do. Was it too soon to drop the bomb at home? Or would it be too late if parents started looking for matches for us? We were after all done with all the studying there was to do, and we were "the proper age" too.

Finally we decided to give it time, to have a long distance for a while and avoid parents if they discussed marriage. But, like all my other plans, this didn't work.
My mom asked me about marriage a week after I went home (the break between college getting over and job beginning) and I blabbered about him. She agreed and asked my dad, and he, after some questions and doubts, also agreed. Same with him, and our parents decided to meet, AFTER I had gone to Hyderabad for my job, sigh.
So I left, and here my rishta was being fixed. The meeting happened and I was informed on phone (YES, informed) that I was getting engaged in one and a half months!!! 

I freaked out but nobody gave a damn. So I had a month to find an outfit, to find a make-up artist in a city I didn't live in (engagement was in Delhi), to find jewellery matching my outfit and what not. I asked my mom to come down for my birthday, I had secretly planned to take her along for shopping (I am a mess when shopping for clothes). Mommy waved her magic wand, and not only did I have my engagement dress, I also had my wedding lehenga, my wedding saree and half my trousseau in ONE DAY! Talk about birthday gifts :-P
This was the time when I started serious skin and diet care. I have been blessed with great skin and hair, thankfully. So there was no repair to be done, I only had to ensure to retain the glow or increase it if possible.

 For the diet part, I had to get serious because while I wasn't fat, my fiance was thin. I had to ensure it didn't look like I'd eat all the food in the house and poor guy would get only tidbits :-D So thus began my diet, skin and hair regimen that continues till today, three months after my wedding. But that is for the next installment of my story.
Keep watching this space for the prep work that went into the engagement, my skin-hair-diet regimen, my rotten luck and engagement day mishaps and all the drama that it all carried :-P
Till then, love you all and I really hope you like reading my story! 

Wondering who Ankita is? Did you miss out on her last post??

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