Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I don't know where to begin my posts...thoughts and events are all jumbled up.... I guess its safe to say your all waiting for pictures and anecdotes, and wondering why I haven't left for my honeymoon and am still sitting in Delhi blogging.

Well pictures have arrived, there are sooo many of them!
Off to South Africa  in a few days, so posting today only and then I guess I will be back on the blog by mid to end December.

Here are the list of things that are in store for you next :

1.  March Informal Roka and Engagement
2. Journey of 8 months (which you have pretty much read about)
3. Pooja
4. Tilak
5. Haldi
6. Mehendi
7. Wedding
8. Days post wedding as the new CRAZY INDIAN BAHU
9. Trip to South Africa
10. Skin and health care post wedding
and a LOT more!!!

and some teasers for you :

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