Saturday, December 29, 2012

Journey of 8 months

Post engagement the only project I had was the wedding, unlike many girls I didn't really want or imagined a huge wedding but some how the whole event ended up being a huge big fat Indian Wedding.

I think it was actually on the day post the wedding did me and my family realize that all we wanted was a cozy 200-250 people wedding in the beginning of the 8 months and ended up with a huge event of 1500+ at the end.

But was it fun?!...HUGE! people say they have been loving the food, the decoration, the planning of all events,etc.,etc....and above all me and the boy enjoyed every moment of it!

8 Months of our life me and my family were fully dedicated to just planning the wedding events and it payed out in the end!

All earlier post are the result of extensive search that went during these 8 months.

Here are few for re-cap :

1. Modern Brides 16 Singar :
I started research on this because I always wanted to be a traditional bride. Since the day I posted I go "OMG!" every day!
Thank you readers for making this the most read article on this blog!

2. Finding the perfect Lehenga :
(some post might need a little editing as my knowledge has increased a lot since I wrote them)

Looking through a lot of shops :

Going through Inspiration all over the internet :

3. Shopping!

4. Hair Care, Hairstyle's and ornaments!

5. Skin Care and home remedies

Coming up next : Wedding week!

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