Thursday, November 28, 2013

Obsession : Perfect Eyebrow

I find myself obsessing over something new every fortnight.

Be it perfect nailart, colored mehendi,  Kajal, the double winged eyeliner or just the perfect Bindi.  This time I am obsessing over The Perfect Eyebrow.

After all a Bride has to look perfect head-to-toe.

Apparently your eyebrows are also suppose to be according to your face structure, I never gave it so much of thought.

Pictures taken from all over Pinterest  (Are you following me there?

My face is like a mixture of oval and round face, depending upon if I am dieting or not....but I think my eyebrow is Angled.

Most of us Indian girls have been blessed (or cursed, specially on threading day) with good thick eyebrows so filling them in isn't really necessary a lot of times, but there is no harm in looking polished, no?!

How to?

1. Follow your eyebrow shape with a similar color eyebrow pencil or kajal.
2. Fill in any gaps in your brow.
3. Blend with a good brush
4. Add a bit of white below to give your brows a bit 'pop'.

Take a pictorial view below:
Pictures taken from various pinterest boards, due credit to the creators.

Do you 'makeup' your brow? I still have to try it! I don't remember, neither did I notice, if my MUA did anything with it on the wedding day.

Whats the name of your brow?? Mine varies from Attractive Natural to Sexy Natural depending upon where I got my threading done from...


  1. I have a bad eyebrow shape.. I have less hair growth at the starting od brow on one side... and Have to remind my parlor lady to take care of thar..:(


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