Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Bahu's Makeup Box Essentials!!

When I went Makeup Trousseau shopping how naive I was. Although I got all essentials to get me started they were still a young girls list of things. As soon as I was asked to get dressed for the first outing post marriage I realized all those pretty pinks and nude lipsticks worked no where.

If you are like me, and prefer your skin the way it is don't be mistaken into thinking you will not be using a lot of makeup. However cool your in-laws are and they won't say it but they would still love for you to dress up and look like the 'nayi-dulhan' at least the initial few months.

So here is a LIST of New Bahu's Makeup MUST-HAVE!
Brides-to-be make sure you have these!!


Well I got this one correct during trousseau shopping!
Get one of day and one for night. 

Day : Get a BB creme , they have enough coverage so your skin looks great and is not so heavy and you don't feel as if you have disappeared under layers.

Which one...ANY, most BB cremes are pretty good. I personally use Garnier these days.

For more details you can read a comparison of Garnier, Maybelline and Deborah BB creams at Peach&Blush here

Night : MAC, Love it! Best out of all. If its out of your budget I would strongly recommend Loreal as well. Not the powder one the creams. I don't like powder foundation some how you can't get an even coverage.

I don't use concealer so I am probably not the best person to advice on it. But for Quick fixes, dark circles, unexpected pimples I use Maybelline BB stick.

Can be used as a bb day foundation as well. 

I used to own one blush. Pink in color and that's it. I thought it would get me through. Well thankfully the persuasive MAC girl got me to buy a reddish one too!

Blush Basic : You need a minimum of 3!


Not sure if Peach works for you, it does! I have quite recently discovered peach as a color for blushes, I did know about it earlier ofcourse but never considered using it.

After travelling almost every fortnight since the wedding I am tanned badly! So bad that I hate looking at the mirror (says the girl who was so self obsessed that I have mirrors in my room every where). does that connect to peach blushes?! What I discovered was if your looking for a slight blush, like you get post exerciser, the darker your skin tone the better peach blushes looks on you and if you more towards pale then pink does the same effect and peach becomes a color blush.

Colorbar Coral Craving


You would probably get a LOT of colors gifted to you by your in-laws in the makeup kit. So for this one alone its better to stick to the basics. Ofcourse do get a nice color pallet on your own, you can never have enough! I have 3 color pallets of around 12 colors each and yet I am at times lost. So the more the better.

L'oreal chrome Shine Beigh Simmer is my quick fix basic
This is the exact effect that you get.

To Person in the picture, Took it off google , if you have an issue let me know. Also tell me which camera you have.

I also like Revlon 'Romantic Girl' Love the finish you get on the eye.


Eye Liner : L'oreal Super Liner is super black! That is why I love it. If your not comfortable with liquid liners try this one! Its the only one which I can wear without my eyeliner going crazy all over the place. 
Mascara :

I will not even explain why, just go and buy it
Recently discovered the goodness of this one. Gives you a nice curly effect and no clumping!. Is waterproof. Maybelline says it gives you an effect as if your wearing false eye lashes, I don't really think so.Best way is to use the yellow one first and then this one, so ya two mascara's but great effect!

Kajal :


Although I have lost mine since a couple of months and havn't brought a new one, been using maybelline colossal kajal. That's good to , a little bit of spills but great otherwise. Would still consider Incolor better but Maybelline is a good substitute too.


I got so many pretty pinks and lovely peaches which have been used only twice. Red lipsticks girls RED that is what a married women needs! 

Doesn't mean you go all aunty brownish-maroon. Here are two great New-Bride colors that will work

NYX Absolute Red
Love it! a very modern red! plus it stays on for a long time
Loreal Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick
829 Resilient Resin
This is a bit aunty-maroon-brown-turned-elegant-modern


Pre-marriage I had all sorts of colorbar bright Orange, wacky greens, Loud Fushia's and now they lie in my closet gathering dust.

I don't change my nailpaints a lot so I try using the ones that go with everything. My current fav. Bridalish paints are :

loreal red tote

Loreal 403

Loreal 580
Loreal 350 is similar too, a little more bronzy

I just realized that I like all Loreal colors....hmm....must buy other brands....


I have Lotus and Lakme, but both of them are maroon and I don't like the maroon ones, they get blackish in a while. So I got a nice tomato red!

shahnaz herbal sindoor


  1. Hey i have been going through your blog and i really like the stuff you got in here. And hey gals, watch this fabulous wedding montage that i saw! I'm sure you'd luv it :)

  2. lots of RED's are must for a new Bahu vanity... :-)
    I am not fan of red... but pinks for sure

  3. hey can u please put a blog about first day in ur sasural. I want to know what were u feeling.

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