Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Esha Deol's little sisters got Engaged

Esha Deol's little sister Ahana got engaged last week!
(Do we have any other celebrity weddings this year?!)

I love how happy she is!!

They make a cute couple and Ahana looks soo happy :) but the clothes...*confused*.

Like for us 'normal' people we dress up for weddings and special events, do they get so tired of heavy expensive clothes that on their wedding events they just want to be another bride..happy to be with the one she loves.... (?)

What is it with celebrities and dressing down at weddings? (Did kareena start this?! Remember her registered wedding outfit? See here)

Ahana at Esha Deol's wedding

I love this saree and jewelry combo. 

Would Ahana go the traditional way like her sister or is she more contemporary?
I personally love traditional brides! Genelia is my favorite so far and then Esha Deol.

I dunno who she is, found her picture in the wedding, Her necklace,*me wants!*


  1. hey, the lady in the last picture is Madhu. She was in the movie Roja. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madhoo

    Personally, I really like Ahana's style as it is simple and sweet. I would probably prefer wearing something like this but unfortunately my mom would never let me dress down so much on such occasions.

    To each his own.. ;)
    - Dia

    1. Hi Dia,

      Ooh Thank you for telling me!

      haha your mom sounds like my kind of people ;P

    2. Good article


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