Friday, July 20, 2012

Random Rambling 1: Suits Vs Saree

You see that this is just Part 1 of Random Rambling for the sole reason that I end up doing a LOT of it!

One part of marriage mom and me always fight more saree's or suits.

I like Saree (read love) and I will wear them. But the whole world insists that in the end you will end up wearing Suits only. True to some extend. But only true to the fact that the 'suit' I will end up wearing after the initial few months are cotton patiyala's and plain kurti's. That's my uniform through out summers.

Oh, tiny fact i am getting married in winters *facepalm*. I am a 'skinny jeans and overcoat' person in winters,   inlaws are pretty cool but I cant start wearing jeans right from the next day, so comes the horrid question nice saree's for the house (says me) or suits ( says mom).

What do I do??????????


  1. I think you should have both saree and suits.. you can wear saree for the few days after your wedding ( it will look really pretty since you'll also have your chuda on) and I guess after two weeks or so you can switch back to wearing suits and then eventually go back to your skinny jeans :)

    1. Not a punjabi so wont have chuda, but ya will certainly have looads of churie's.

      Like your idea, Thanks for the advice!! *hugs*


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