Thursday, July 19, 2012

Guest Post By Ankur Vohra

When I got Married!

It was June of 2010, I had just returned home that summer after completing my MBA from abroad and was working in Delhi.I was single,happy chilling out with friends and flirting with girls.I had no intentions to marry or did I?, I was about to know!

Pop came one day,A Friend Request on Facebook,from a girl, whom I had known way back in School,she was the daughter of one of our teachers in school and used to sit with me on bench,a punishment which my class teacher gave me for not being among the bright students in the class,we were both the opposite in school, as far as I can remember, she was bright,extrovert and confident while I was shy, dull and reserved.I do not have much memories from that time but one thing I am sure was that, she was one of my crushes in School. She had to leave the school and shift city as her father got transferred, and that was the last I had heard from her(Almost 15 Years Back!) before that Facebook request came.

Gladly, I accepted her on Facebook, and got down on researching (read:going through her photographs) about her through her profile, I found out, she was now back in my city,living just two blocks away from me and was working as a School Teacher in one of the schools, I messaged her, how glad I was to hear from her, and she messaged me back reciprocating the same, this process went on for couple of days before we exchanged mobile numbers.In the back of my heart, I was really happy to find her but did not know, if she felt the same, wanted to meet her but didn't have the courage to ask her out.Sample this, I thought 10 times before even messaging her, it was July, If i remember correctly when I first sent her an SMS in the evening, it was a general message, saying, "Hi, how are you doing?" but In my language that meant, I am interested in you, can we graduate to talking on mobile phones now?, I don't remember what her reply was exactly but surely, It was not motivating and it came pretty late,It was normal for her but what I interpreted from that, was, that she was simply not interested.

Now, came in the male eqo and I simply decided to ignore her, No Messages!, No Facebook!, I cut off all interactions with her, but, as I was to know later, that meant even more agony for me, I did a bit more research and found out that her family was looking for a groom for her to get married and settled down.It was september now, and she always was at the back of my mind, whenever I did Facebook, I inadvertently landed on her profile or some of her news feed. It was maddening and that is when I decided, I had to meet her once,only how was the question?

I devised out a plan in the first week of October, I sent her a invite on Facebook for apparently a  School Get together,which was nothing but my idea of getting a chance to meet her. She did not reply for couple of days, on 3rd day, came her response, that she would be happy to come but would only be able to confirm by Friday, Saturday was the day for the supposed meet.I waited for her message whole of Friday but  none came,my desperation to see her was crossing its limits,I decided to SMS her in night and to my relief  after some agonizing minutes came her reply, in which she cribbed about the location of the supposed meet but in short it meant a Yes!:-)

An instant smile crossed my face and I reaffirmed my belief in God!:-)

To be continued...

About Ankur Vohra:
 He is a Communications and Social Media enthusiast, who has done his MBA from IMT Dubai, currently working in Delhi, loves reading books and blogging about the lighter side of life.
 You can reach him through his blog 


  1. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to relive those moments through this blog!:-)

  2. Yes it is good post and opportunity you provided for new person.


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