Friday, July 13, 2012

Exhibition Visit, Trousseau shopping, SALE ALERT!!

Went 2 places today :

1. Radisson Blu's Teej Exhibition
2. Greenways (Connaught place)

 Radisson Blu's exhibition in all can be given a skip, didn't really like any of the stuff to much.

 Although did find this good trousseau packing person, She also makes great homemade chocolates for gifting @ wedding. Tasted a couple of them, really yum. She is based in Noida. Let me know if you want details.

There was mother, daughter team who also makes Zardosi borders, like they used to in olden times! so like me if your old traditional stuff crazy then should give them a visit. They are based in Civil Lines.
( DIY : Take any plain fabric or light saree and gets these borders added by a local tailor.)

And if you like and want traditional and different saree's that every bride must have then you have to go to Greenways!!!

 They have fabrics like :
Linen Silk,
Uthappa saree,
Georgette Brocades,
Kundan Work,
Foil Printing,
Bandani, etc.

The good thing about them is that the sales girls are very patient and will show you each and every type of saree they have, plus color options! The owner is also present and moves around the store giving advice.

Their main buyers are brides or people looking for wedding stuff, infact when I went there for my trousseau wedding, there were 3 more brides buying, one family buying for there 'bahu'-to-be.

There official Sale is on and will last a couple of weeks. Avg. Price of a good heavy saree is 10k. A must visit if you are looking for Saree's that you would love to wear even 5 years from now. 

There discount works in a way that if you buy 2 saree you get 25% off, upto 40% off if you buy 10 Saree's. So the more you buy the heavier the discount and you end up with Saree's of an average price of 5-8k.

Havnt checked out there normal printed saree's, but will do soon.

Brought loooads from there :D

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