Saturday, July 21, 2012

Visit to Wedding Asia

Visited Wedding Asia yesterday at Ashoka.

The exhibition is on till 22nd.

Exhibition will be back in Delhi in September

It has loooads of Saree and Suit designers, a few jewelry stalls, 2 wedding planner, a few photographer and trousseau packer. Oh and also a Tarot Card reader also, she setup up her stall at weddings as well, not sure who will want it, make be at a fun-sangeet it might still sound interesting.

Stalls I visited and liked :

Pretty much visited every stall so just telling you about the ones I liked.

Tanu Creations

This was the first shop we visited for the sole reason it had so many pretty parandi's!! ( got one for myself :D ) . Also had a few latakani's, which were pretty much sold out by the time we reached.

She also had some pretty suits but a bit expensive.

The only single colored latakani she was left it 

Punnet Balan

Next door was Punnet's stall really lovely suits and saree's. Really liked the quality of work at his stall, quite different from what we get in delhi. He is based in Jaipur.
Bit on the expensive side but the designs were really unique so totally worth it!
Got a blouse and a suit :D

That's the emb. on the blouse

Naina Jain

If you are looking for authentic garchola Saree's do go to her!! really pretty ones she has. A bit on the expensive side but its a tiny price to pay for traditional stuff. Mom didnt agree on the 'tiny price' part of it coz well they were pretty expensive so didnt get any :(  . But if your looking for one do visit her!
Post exhibition she is based in kolkatta.
You can see her website at


They had some good lehenga's and can do customization as well, based in Delhi. They are a trio of NIFT graduate. They had this really pretty grey lehenga. Price range is a bit expensive but the work is good.
See there site at

Picture off the web

Fairytale Wedding

Is a wedding decorator, although she calls herself a wedding planner I would put her under the category of a decorator only. Does pretty stage decor and all. But is expensive.
Website doesnt have anything much, pictures off google

Over all its a place to visit if you need saree's and suits for your trousseau.
Visit around 12ish-1ish, the crowd starts coming in around 2-3pm.


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