Sunday, July 1, 2012

List Of wedding movies : seen/to see

One thing I did the minute I got engaged was figure out all wedding movies I know about and watched them again and again and again...after all don't we wish to watch movies we can relate to....

1. Runaway Bride 
 Best way to start your list, after all in case you wish to runaway the faster the better ;P 
Want to wear running shoes under my lehenga! but no one will let me!

2. Bride War's 
I know, I know you must me like is this girl mad she should be watching all romantic weddingy movies, but really I find this the best way to de-stress. Its my fav. out of all wedding movies, it has the best dresses ever!

Plus I figured I will watch this coz one of my cousin got her informal-engagement the same day as I did, although I had my engagement before hers, she got married first. We didn't really do a 'bride war' stunt, but you know this way we get to cross-advice each other :)

3. Revenge Of the Bridesmaid
To insure you don't call in any frenemies  to the wedding!
Plus the bride in the movie is the biggest bridzilla ever, makes me look tamed :P

4. Bridesmaid
Watched it to understand how my best friends would feel about the whole thing.

The Bride has to choose between 2 bestfriends, I have 8 Best friends!  AND no chance I will ever make a choice between them!!

5. Father of the Bride 
Really dont need to tell you why to watch it, sweetest movie ever!
love the crazy wedding planner in this movie!

6. Corpse bride
For the fun of it :P

7. Monster-in-law
Most of our mother-in-laws are sweet (well, mine is for sure :) ), but watch this movie for de-stressing, great fun!

8. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
coz out of all 'English' movies this is the one we Indian's can faintly relate to.

9. Hum Dil De chukey sanam
Classic Indian weddingy songs and bollywood Drama

10. Hum apke Hain Kaun
Do you need to ask why....seriously....

The list is huge! and endless!! add you fav. hindi/english wedding movies!


  1. Brides Maides is so funny :) especially what happened when they went to pick their brides maids gowns :) ... but I lourrveeee Indian weddings the most .

    Another movie you will really like is 27 dresses and our dear Bride and Prejudice :) ! Don't forget Cinderella :)

    1. lol, ya and the poor bride runs on the street!

      ya! love 27 dresses !! (4got to put it!)

      havn't watched bride and prejudice yet (*adding it to still to watch list*)

  2. yea yea please do watch it .. its like Punjabi wedding overload . And also Bend it like Beckham ... " even these mosquito bites will look like juicy juicy mangoes" :P

  3. have seen Bend it like Beckham, thats my fav. dialog as well! :D


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