Thursday, July 12, 2012

I have loads to tell you... prepare you for the wedding war

Ok so, looads of 'gyaan' coming your way. Its actually exploding out of my ears.

There is a tiny issue though, not sure where to start organizing it all, I tend to go off topic very quickly.

So this post is more of a reference for me to come back to, every time I think I have nothing to write when I actually have a lot; and for you to know what you are getting yourself into.

Things to tell you Brides-to-be's and anyone else whose interested (in random order) :

1. How to get every one involved and make a plan.

2. Lehenga : Where , What , How .....
all gyaan till now has been given on
Sequel might come if your lucky :P

3. Hair Care Tips ( I tried and which worked )

4. Skin Care Tips ( I tried and follow )

5. Learn Makeup, Hair and fun nail stuff (for the new bride)

6. Basic Recipes an Indian 'Bahu' should know

7. Luggage, Dressing Table, Bed, Furniture and Millions of others things you are gonna need (This post will come one by one in small forms coz will be advising as I go on buying)

8. Photographer's, Makeup Artists and there HUGE importance

9. How to tell your decorator what you exactly want. ( in between this, so will happen once I am finished, probably end of month)

10. Pre-bridal, to-take or not-to-take (This one will happen only post/during August )

11. Inspiration Pictures
Come every few days when I collect enough and feel the need to give away
so far.

12. What does everyone mean when they say 'Dress up like a showpiece for one year post marriage'

13. Aaja Nachley ya nahi...

14. Pre-Wedding Workout routine.

15. Exhibitions I went to

16. How to make your own simple Saree's or light lehenga

17. My normal Banter about stuff

So much planned so far, will do them all and more!

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